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Note dear folks that in the aftermath of the Oslo shooting the Left used the tragedy as a means to diminish the Counterjihad’s warnings of Islamization.

They spoke dismissively of our evidence that proves Islamization is indeed an ongoing project, and with the expressed tacit approval of many of Islam’s well known leaders and apologists.

We in the Counterjihad were typecast as ‘Islamophobes’, ‘fear mongers’, ‘sowers of hate and ill will’ towards (laughably) the “new Jews of Europe”. In the subsequent op-eds and reports dealing with the anti-Islamization movements, these same apologists quoted Fjordman’s essays which mentioned the colonization of Europe and the West, and found it racist.

They said, “this is just the same old bigotry from the 30’s and 40’s, now it’s centered upon Muslims”, as if the last few decades in Europe hadn’t even occurred. It’s all a figment of our wild imagination. At least that’s their official line and they’re sticking to it. But we know better, we look at the ample evidence available and say no dice, this is unaaceptable.

Thanks to Vlad for being the first to bring the video to the TT’s attention, and to Jihad Watch for the vid. and transcript. Tariq Ramadan is a sleaze bag, a taqqiya peddling propaganda specialist who only speaks from his twisted heart when he believes it will not gain the attention elsewhere outside the ‘true believers’. KGS

Video 1 –


We should all be careful not to be colonized by something which is coming from this consumerist society…

It should be us, with our understanding of Islam, our principles, colonizing positively the United States of America.

But let me tell you something. On the long run, I’m quite optimistic. I think that Inshallah (inaudible word) our future in the West is going to be a bright future, to be positive.

By the way, we are not here by accident. We are not here by accident.

We are learning how to be a Muslim. It’s difficult, it’s a challenge, it’s a jihad…

On the long run, we also have to think about our contribution. We should be a gift to the United States of America. We should be a gift to the West.

We don’t want the West to be destructed. What we want is the West to be reformed.

More here.

Not Islam to be reformed. The West to be reformed.

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