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In spite of the EDL’s promotion of itself as a human rights organization (read its mission statement) and rejects being listed as a political party, the Telegraph does exactly that, as well as labeling them “far-right”. It’s a smear tactic. Look at how the media takes great care in never labeling a Palestinian organization as a terrorist organization, even Hamas, but the ease in which they smear the EDL, or anyone else that they disagree with politically, as being”far-right”.

They don’t even label the Islamic supremacists in Hamas or Fattah as having fascist attributes, in spite of all the evidence which can be seen in their rhetoric and in their Nazi hand saluting, but they take to maligning the EDL as “fascists” in their editorials and news articles.

So lets get serious here, the biased media is nothing more than a political wing of the Left who believe that they can construct a narrative of their choosing and the public will swallow it whole. The people are getting frustrated and disgusted with the way the Leftist media views them with contempt, which explains why you will see more people siding with EDL, something of which the Telegraph and other media are actively working against. KGS

London riots: far-right political party ‘protect’ Eltham residents

A far-right wing political party have claimed that they took to the streets of Eltham to “guide” the residents because the police were “unable to control the streets.”

Follow news of the London riots live

The English Defence League (EDL) gathered in Eltham, south-east London, on Tuesday evening with around 200 residents from the area.

As the number of people swelled, the mood became increasingly violent as suspected looters were chased and set upon.

In one incident, a mob attacked a bus passing through the high street after black youths, seated on the upper deck, gestured through the window. Police were quick to respond, using dog-handlers to separate the two groups.

Jack England, EDL’s south-east regional organiser, claimed that the people on the streets were “patriots” and not vigilantes.

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  1. Just got back from 4 weeks in Switzerland, France, Italy etc

    For the most incisive analysis on the situation in the UK


    Many articles on the riots and predictions going way back for this insurrection. More to come as the ruling parasite class still dont get it- and wont, as they are the problem.

  2. This video starts playing automatically whenever I open up the main tundratabloids page. It also started playing automatically when I open this page.

    1. I know, it will soon stop once the page is pushed down the line

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