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Then they want you to believe that there’s no such thing as a political elite, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. They really do wish to rule by decree, with the veneer of democracy to shield them from the label of dictator. These elitists are for tyranny, a softer form of tyranny mind you, the kind that wraps you up with a warm hug and a fuzzy eyed smile, but it’s a tyranny nonetheless.

These politicians are just party hat/bean counters, lacking any principled ideology, they’re ready to sell themselves out for the admiration of others and a comfy lifestyle. They want to belong to the club, a club mind you comprised of the neo-aristocracy, who have finally built for themselves a political body from which to rule from, and they’re all inclusive, not relying on a pedigree as long as the upcoming politician plays by the established club rules. In other words, dancing to the tune that they play.

Those pundits, political analysts and cheerleaders of the EU administrative state like to write off Bat Ye’ors’ book of Eurabia, as being nothing more than a book of conspiracies. They believe that if they lock it firmly into that camp that they’ve mitigated it’s reach and impact.

Eurabia (and the soft tyranny by default) is a culture inculcated within the halls of EU institutions. Those Eurocrats who make it big within the EU to top levels of power, are not those who push for real democracy and rule of just law, they are not the ones who seek to limit their own power and really listen to the people that they represent.

No, they (the Eurabians and supporters of the soft tyranny) are the ones who like for the EU to be a far removed entity as possible, where the citizens of member states have no intellectual nor emotional connection to their project in Brussels, whatsoever, preferring rather to operate behind a shadow and in presenting their policies, aided with the help of blue smoke and mirrors.

You hear occasionally these Eurabian statists (domestically) bemoan the lack of public appeal or interest in Brussels during election cycles, but they are being disingenuous, their participation is not a requirement, nor is it actually sought. The EU is modeled off the Belgian construct, where loyalty to the state is non-existent, to understand the Belgian model is to understand the EU.

So when understanding the supposed ‘sudden turn’ by Cameron in rejecting a British referendum on the EU, you have to realize that it wasn’t a sudden turn, he was always a ‘true believer’ in the EU project. It’s all rigged folks, and till the people of Europe understnd that, reject statism (socialism and faux conservatism) and identity driven politics that oversees multiculturalism, they will continue to be lead by the nose and shoved further into political tyranny. KGS

Fury as Cameron rules out EU referendum because we had our say in poll 36 years ago


Last updated at 9:15 AM on 8th August 2011

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