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Sorry to have overlooked yesterday, that significant day of August 16 1945, when the US brought the war with Japan that much closer to an end. The Japanese at the time were busy implementing the dooms day plan of using every man, woman and child in preparation for the expected allied (US) invasion of the homeland.


While it’s absolutely terrible that so many people were killed and wounded in the two bomb attacks with nuclear weapons, what would have been worse however, was an invasion by hundreds of thousands of US troops, and the carnage that would have ensued, as civilians, taking to arms at the behest of the high military command, would have quadrupled the amount of the dead at both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In the event that the US would have opted instead for a continuance of the carpet bombing of Japanese cities with military industrial complexes, the result would have been the same. There would have been far more numbers of civilian dead than what took place in those two ill-fated cities. So the next time you see footage of memorials for Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the TV screen, mull over what you read here, and thank the daring men who flew the Enola Gay to drop its load.


NOTE: Thanks to Jerry for the heads up on this video of the Rape of Nanking. It shows exactly the kinds of beasts the Japanese were during that era, and that the US nor its supporters have anything to be sorry about in regards to dropping nuke bombs and winning the war against Imperial Japan.

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    1. Excellent Jerry, I’ll update with your vid link. excellent find and angle. KGS

  1. If you nuked Riyadh and Teheran tomorrow it would save the lives of millions of Muslims who will die in the future. Life is strange is it not?

  2. They asked for it and they got it! My only Question is how come few ever bring up the decades long conquest, pillage, rape, looting, mass murder, genocide, and inhumane treatment by the Empire of Japan, over most of China and SE Asia?

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