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Meant to get the heart strings pulled.

This is what the Left does, it can be seen at work every year on campuses throughout the West, when anti-Israeli leftists make mock-up blockades to show passerby’s how unjust the anti-terrorist defense measures and barriers are. Now we get to see just how unjust the lax EU’s asylum policies are.

Lets face facts, these activists won’t be truly happy until there are complete open borders with little or no checks whatsoever in force. These Lefties are the fringe of the fringe, yet they make themselves to appear like they have a wider range of appeal when they actually don’t. KGS

NOTE: How much of this is being funded by the Finnish taxpayer, the arts are heavily funded by the public purse strings.

Asylum roleplay to explore Dublin deportations in Helsinki

published today 11:44 AM, updated today 03:03 PM

YLE: A role-playing game designed to show the workings of refugee movements across the European Union will take over a square in downtown Helsinki this weekend. The organisers describe it as an ’art project dealing with European asylum policy’.

Helsinki’s Lasipalatsi square will be turned into a refugee camp, where those playing refugees in the game will try to move forward with their lives. The square will be modelled on those established by migrants in southern European countries.

Some fifty participants will take on the roles of asylum seekers, border guards and officials in an effort to explore how European asylum policy works.

Asylum seekers in the game will have to obtain money and some means of survival, just like asylum seekers in real life. Border guards will man the fringes of the settlement, checking papers, registering migrants and turning away those that do not meet criteria set by the European Union.

The role characters are based on testimony from refugees and border guards. After the game, participants will go through a debriefing session to discuss the issues raised.

The game is named after the Dublin 2 Regulation, which established the principle that asylum seekers in EU countries could be returned to the first EU country they came to. In practice that ensures migrants in northern Europe are often sent back to countries in the south of the EU, which lack the infrastructure to deal with a backlog of asylum cases.

The roleplay is part of the Kiasma museum of contemporary art’s URB11-festival programme.

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  1. What is the purpose of the debriefing might I ask?

    Are the actors who role play asylum seekers pretending that they have undergone some kind of psychological and/or physical trauma?

    Sounds like theatre of the absurd to me.

    1. Pseudo-reality is great entertainment for the simple-minded, brainwashed drones of the Neo-Marxist state. There doesn’t have to be purpose, worth or meaning, it’s Marxism in the raw.

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