The TT couldn’t have said it any better. KGS

Philip Smeeton I have lived in Norway for many years and the more the Breivik case progresses the clearer it becomes why this attack happened exactly here. There is a tone of insanity over Norwegian politics, hate is preached by the Left and is widely accepted. Islam is not perceived as a threat and multiculturalism is obliterating native Norwegian culture.

The New Norwegians, as immigrants are called, flock here because their chances of being allowed to settle are good and the social handouts in the worlds richest land are exorbitant. Without the oil revenues the Norwegian economy would have collapsed long ago, and even with these revenues the social security benefit, hospital, school, road and pension budgets are all under severe strain.

Billions of crowns are given away in unaccounted for foreign aid. The soon to be half a million non-contributing immigrants in a population of four million native Norwegians will cause the economy to collapse eventually.

TT: Here’s an example of what passes for normal at the Leftist island of Utoya, the Norwegian PM pals around with Fattah during happier times.

NOTE: Not all immigrants are on the dole, many are productive contributors, but a significant number are not and that alone will take its toll.

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