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Oh, and Islam had absolutely nothing to do with this, absolutely nothing at all. So all you intelligence personnel can resume your digging into the Counterjihad blogosphere, because they’re the real bad guys, they’re the real problem in the world today, not Islam, no definitely not Islam. KGS

Suicide bombers storm Afghan guesthouse, four killed

Tue Aug 2, 2011 12:14am EDT
KUNDUZ, Afghanistan – Three suicide bombers raided a guesthouse frequented by foreigners in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz on Tuesday, killing four Afghan security guards employed by a German company, a senior police detective said.

One insurgent detonated a car bomb at the gates of the guesthouse. The other two made it inside the building where they fought Afghan forces for a couple of hours before detonating their explosives, said senior Kunduz police detective Abdul Rahman.

Ten people, including civilians and a police officer, were wounded in the early morning attack, said Rahman. It was not immediately clear if any foreigners were among the wounded.

Rahman said the slain Afghan security guards were employed by German development agency GTZ.

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  1. Afghanistan has always been a backward country. And some of it (if not all of it) can be attributed to the traditional clan structure of Pashtun tribes, which is generally antithetic to attempting establishment of centralized government in this country. And even the introduction of technological innovation in general. Other than two short lines across the northern borders with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, there are almost certainly no functioning railways in Afghanistan today. Now, this is indicative of how a country like Afghanistan has traditionally proved to be lagging behind just about any other country in the world since the advent of the Industrial Age.

    Foreign invaders never had any firm grasp whatsoever on this particular region of the world, unless for short periods of time. History proves that many empires became bogged down in Afghanistan, like the pre-Islamic Persians (Achaemenids and Sassanids), the Muslim Persians (Safavids), the Muslim Moghul Empire, the czarist Russians, the British, and ultimately the Soviets. The Safavids and the Moghuls had even suffered Pashtun tribes invading their territory as far as Isfahan and New Delhi, establishing their own dynasties there for a while.

    1) Pashtun are a warrior tribe by nature. It is hard to cast off this traditional mentality. The Taliban are exclusively Pashtun.

    2) The relative ruggedness of the terrain and the resulting isolation of Afghans and their collective identity makes up for one of the most intransigent forms of Islamic backwardness imaginable.

    I can imagine the Taliban might be suspicious of just about any attempt to organize infrastructural improvements, authorized by a central government they don’t trust, simply because they would want to link it to NATO’s attempts to make troop movements easier. So basically, just about any sign of NATO’s presence is enough to perpetually mobilise the Taliban against them just like historically was the case with the British and the Soviets, and all those that went before them.

    Islamic logic says

    Muslims collaborating with infidels and their armies are Hypocrites and thus have to be punished.

    history has it that

    Afghanistan is inherently averse to any outside influences.

    To me it makes perfect sense, because Afghanistan is a traditionally backward country chockfull of ingrates. We should leave this country to rot with its internecine violence.

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