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This is an excellent article by Trifkovic lays waste to the thinking of Jussi Jalonen, Toby Archer and other like ilk who maintain all along that those of us who expose Islam for exactly what it is, are to blame and should shut the hell up. KGS

The Oslo Fallout: A Review of Views Unfit to Print

by Srdja Trifkovic • August 1st, 2011 • Related • Filed Under

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On August 1 The Daily Mail published an op-ed by Melanie Philips (“Hatred, smears and the liberals hell-bent on bullying millions of us into silence”) which warns that the baleful effects of Anders Breivik’s recent attacks in Norway have not been limited to the carnage of the day. The atrocity has produced a reaction on the political Left in Britain, Europe and the U.S., she says, that is in itself shocking and terrifying.

Philips singles out former Norwegian prime minister and current chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize committee Thorbjorn Jagland, who has warned British Prime Minister David Cameron and other European political leaders to refrain from criticizing multiculturalism. In her view, to connect Breivik’s so-called manifesto—a rambling compendium of quotes against mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamization—with criticism of the multicultural experiment itself, is “simply grotesque”:

First and foremost, this is treating Breivik as if his words deserve to be taken seriously and at face value. As of now, however, we don’t know whether Breivik is psychotic, a psychopath or under the influence of all the drugs he claims to have taken.

We also don’t know what part, if any, his political views actually played in this atrocity. After all, since his target was his country’s Labour party one might just as well surmise that he was motivated by hatred of his father, who was a Labour party supporter and who was divorced from Breivik’s mother when the killer was a baby.

In any event, someone who travels to a teenagers’ summer camp and invites them all to gather round so that he can kill them all cannot be considered rational. Yet the former Norwegian premier is treating Breivik as if he is a political terrorist whose words have the authority of a sane and coherent creed.

Even if he was motivated by hostility to multiculturalism and Islam, the author concludes, it is perverse to suggest that no one should write about these things because some deranged person raving about such ideas has run amok: “It’s a bit like saying no one should express concern about late abortions or animal cruelty because it leads straight to the firebombing of abortion clinics or animal-testing laboratories.”

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