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Islamists force Egypt’s liberals to regroup

Hindu News: No to secularism

“Islamic law above the constitution,” blared many of the banners. Many chanted “Islamic Islamic”, seemingly prefacing another slogan: “Not Western or Eastern. No liberal or secular.” The show of strength by Islamists in Cairo was repeated in other Egyptian cities. Thousands of Salafists and other Islamists congregated at a prominent square in Alexandria. Huge numbers also rallied in Suez thronging the city’s January 25 square.

Friday’s rallies showed that Egypt’s political and societal divisions were too deep to be papered over. These demonstrations were held despite a desperate appeal by the liberals that the protests should target the military for not fulfilling its promises and focus on common demands. However, neither did the Islamists target the military nor did they stick to the common points. As it became clear during Friday prayers that the Islamists would call for the enactment of Sharia law and theocracy, the liberal activists withdrew from the rally.

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  1. Are we watching to see a second Iran develop?
    I’m not too happy about this.

    1. I believe it’s an issue of a payment dispute that will be resolved shortly.

  2. Islamic shariah brings peace and prosperity. It forbids sins which are already sins even in christianity, judaism or even in hindhuism or budhism. consuming alcohol, adultery, consuming pork, etc. is forbidden in the bibles even but no one obeys. The western constitutions around the world are moulded and re invented everyday to ease these rules which we already know are the laws to live life. Muslims practice prayers 5 times a day every day 7 days a week. Its found hard for Christians and so forth to go to the church once every week even. Muslims consider practising values and living in the rules of life, with the rules islamic shariah more seriously, because no bad will come to them from following them, but bad things will follow in life if we are not by the rules. and since Jihad is one of your topics here, id like to educate you that Jihad in Islam does not mean terrorist attacks or self sacrifice to kill. The Holy Quran teaches us that Jihad an action as is If someone comes to attack you or within your protection, IF and only IF the person attacks, one must defend and thus only attack with force not exceeding the force pressed on you by the attacker. So a muslim is only allowed to attack on the condition of being attacked, to defent. And Clearly also states when defending, not to use force exceeding that of the opponent used. And also states to consider forgiving afterwards.

    1. Sharia brings nothing but pain, misery and destitution to all who fall prey to it. It symbolizes the false piety that’s the hallmark of Islam, which falls along the lines of ”do this or else” which forces the follower to do things not from a free will, but from fear of retribution. False piety invented by Mohamed, or by people later on who invented mohamed, does not interest me in the least. As for Jihad, you’re greatly mistaken.

      “Bostom’s book amply documents the systematic and destructive character of Islamic jihad, refuting the much-repeated argument that jihad is a “rich” concept that has many meanings and that jihad first of all signifies “inner struggle.” Jihad is first of all war, bloodshed, subjugation, and expansion of the faith by violence. The book implicitly devastates the fashionable but uninformed opinion that all religions are elaborations of the Golden Rule. Jihad is everything the Golden Rule is not.” — Dr. Johannes J.G. Jansen, author of The Neglected Duty: The Creed of Sadat’s Assassins and Islamic Resurgence in the Middle East (1986), and The Dual Nature of Islamic Fundamentalism (1997).

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