The police are embarked upon a goose chase, the murderer of Oslo, a=Anders Breivik, was a lone wolf bent on ensuring his own immortality to serve his own narcissistic sociopathy as Dr.Michael Welner describes here in this video, other than that, they are on a political witch hunt by the Left and their enablers on the faux Right. KGS

NOTE: To SUPO, how about contacting Dr.Welner and be ahead of all the other law enforcement agencies in Scandinavia, and be the ones to prove just how wrong headed it is to suspect the Counterjihad of anything but safeguarding the right of all people to live within a democratic liberal society. So how about that angle, try and beat your colleagues elsewhere to the punch, as well as  avoiding the politics of it all.

FBI investigating Breivik’s favorite page

Electronic track, sister cells, equipment and ideological friends. These are threads in the investigation launched in both Europe and the USA.

In addition to criminal investigations in at least eight countries are also working most of the security services in Europe to follow up on the Norwegian terrorist actions, according to the Norwegian Police Security Service, PST.

– In this case, we work with most European and Western countries, says Martin Berntsen in PST.

FBI is among law enforcement agencies that cooperate with the Norwegian police. BT have confirmed that the FBI investigator favorite since Anders Behring Breivik, blog Gates of Vienna. The website is the most cited single source in the 1,500-page compendium on terror accused 32-year-old left.

The blog is run by Edward May and his wife. BT contacted May on the phone last night. He hung up as soon as BT’s journalist had presented itself.

The alleged Trøndelag, anonymous blogger Fjordman is one of them that are often published on the right-wing blog. Breivik writes that Fjordman is his favorite author. 39 different texts of him is cut and pasted from the 1500 pages.

German fears Breivik copies

– Extreme concern for us now, says German intelligence.
Gates of Vienna is one of the most prominent forums for right-wing extremists. May lives in Virginia and is a mathematician and computer programmer.

“In recent years he has devoted his attention to the development of anti-jihadi networks in Europe,” writes the site in a profile of May. According to the profile is also active in an organization called the International Civil Liberties Alliance.

The Fjordman and the people behind the Gates of Vienna blog on both rejected and denied any connection to terrorist actions.

Lone Wolf

According to the FBI, they work together with other countries in all major investigations where international network may be involved.

When asked directly about the FBI’s focus on the Gates of Vienna and Edward May, responds Special Agent Jason Pack as follows:

– To prevent terrorist attacks from its own citizens before they are hatched, is a primary objective for us.

Extremist ideology of hatred or anger is not a crime in itself, highlighting him.

The police should have hidden Anders Behring Breivik, according to Swedish terrorism expert.
– It is only when groups or individuals go over the line, and uses threats, violence or other illegal activities that we can investigate. It is also true for single wolves. Their high degree of autonomy, making them difficult to stop before they strike, says agent by phone from Washington.

Pack said that when individuals commit crimes, and one suspects that this person is associated with a group, the open to investigate other people in the group.

50 only at Europol

The FBI is still only one of many foreign law enforcement authorities. From before it is known that the Polish, Swedish, Danish, German and British police cooperate with Norway. The Finnish police has started investigation, according to Europol, the European police cooperation.

BT has been in contact with a number of European police authorities, which in varying degrees, confirming that they are.

More here in Norwegian

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  1. “Deconstructing the majority” of the Norwegian population, “thus it will never again become a majority” (Professor Thomas Hylland-Eriksen)

    In 2014, Norway will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its constitution, Grunnloven. Up to this celebration it has been found necessary to do some research as to what shall be The New Norway’s national feelings, and approx USD 740 000,- of taxpayers money, will be spent on this project, managed by professor Knut Kjeldstadli at the Oslo State University.

    What do the – old – Norwegians think of this overall project? What are their feelings about being deconstructed as a nation?

  2. I have been examining the major sites for just about a year, and while there are a few opinions and conclusions I do not share, I’ve found zero evidence of racism, bigotry or incitement to any violence whatsoever.

    The major anti jihad sites all advocate the proper purpose of activisim which is the pressuring of the government to take action by changing laws, enacting new laws or enforcing existing laws. They attempt to inspire readers to participate in their various fully legal actions or inspire them to come up with their own legal methods to contribute to their completely legal goals.

    The worst things I can think of to say about GOV is that they seem to propose stronger curbs on immigration than other sites and don’t allow swearing 🙁

    That’s not the same as advocating violence by a long shot.

    The best thing to do is to cooperate fully with legitimate government investigators and to not decry overmuch their interest, though it is an unfair witch hunt.

    Remember a few days ago the UK chose to end an investigation into shariah courts soley for the reason that those sharia courts being investigated were not cooperating with investigators. It is obvious those courts have something to hide.

    When talking to investigators they should be reminded that these sites are cooperating fully because they know they have nothing to hide. Then suggest to authorities that they should use stronger methods to investigate the sharia courts who were not cooperating in the other investigation. This won’t be hard as I suspect people working in law enforcement know EXACTLY what is really going on – weather they say so openly or not.

    Hold press conferences or make press releases stating openly that you assisted police because you had nothing to hide and reccomend they use stronger measures upon those who do not cooperate with them. Furthermore remind everyone that it is CAIR and similar muslim groups in the UK who tell people not to cooperate with the authorities.

    That might be a strategy that would create positive spin from this.

  3. I disagree! Your advice is not only unsound but immoral. That’s called giving in to fascism. That’s “doing nothing and saying nothing while evil men rise.” It’ s capitulating. It’s what all the sheep are guilty of doing. Being silent is what got us into this mess, when the government runs rough shod over the People, in the first place. We have to make a noise….a big noise!

    What the FBI said was pure fascism. In essence their reply stated that “they” the FBI will be the one who deems what is and what isn’t “extreme”. That the FBI will consider legal free speech worthy of being “highlighted”.
    That the FBI will investigate anyone, who someone of interest to them, ever took interest in, contacted or associated with in any way. Afterall, the FBI has deemed what extremism is.

    The FBI are the ones more likely to be the extremists. They are the ones pulling out guns and pointing them at the Amish dairy farmers and their kids over MILK!

    When you put this into perspective it becomes clear that the people need to rein in this rogue agency, the FBI, while we still can……if we still can. We have a Constitution whether the FBI likes it or not, and they WILL abide by it or they will get lost!

  4. Investigating GoV? Presumably all the commenters there as well.


  5. I disagree quite stongly that cooperating with the police is unsound or immoral and do not agree at all that the FBI are fascist or rogue. They are exactly the people GOV would want on their side. In any case GOV advocates 100 percent legal behavior only. There is no incitement to illegal activity and the FBI will see that.

    Cooperating with investigators does NOT mean forgoing ones rights especially being questioned without the presence of a lawyer. Neither does it mean allowing them into ones house.

    I do not include the handing over of commenters names and email addresses in the process of cooperating at all if it can be prevented. I believe there is an ethical (not legal) obligation, desired or not, to maintain the anonymity if desired by commenters similar to the obligation a jornalist has with a confidential informant (similar, not identical). Whose duty it is may be open to debate but I hope GOV has consulted lawyers or researched the subject. And in this case the FBI releasing personal information could be completely illegal as it would directly lead to physical harm. Should they do so the agency should be prosecuted. It may even be as bad as conspiracy to commit murder.

    Cooperating with the police does not mean being silent or preclude presenting ones case to the public. GOV cannot completely control what is happening so they should use this to get themselves positive publicity thru press conferences or widely disseminated press releases.

    Complaining about unfair treatment would make them look worse because its the sort of thing proffesional lefty or islamic activists do. After all it was CAIR who first told people not to cooperate with the FBI.

    If CAIR told people to not work with the FBI, then working with them would paint CAIR in a bad light in comparison. Who is to say that GOV could not develop a relationship with the FBI that CAIR once had.

    Cooperating will make GOV look NOT radical and NOT anti establishment, which it isn’t – thus making the enemy come off badly on these matters.

    This might be a good opportunity to get themselves positive publicity by soberly asserting that they have freely assisted the authorities – the amount of “assist” of course being a variable 😉 and presenting their point of view to a newly interested public. If they cannot stop it happening then they should attempt to make the situation work for them.

    Now that we all know how insane Breivik is, his manifesto including his video game habits and the dating history of his sister, the idea of investigating GOV becomes pathetically laughable. The FBI might as well investigate the British and Indian governments as Breivik pasted statements from both of their most famous statesmen into his schizophrenic ramblings.

    1. According to every lawyer in America I am completely wrong about talking to the police. I stand completely corrected.

      The main point about talking to the police when you are innocent is that they can take ANYTHING you say and present it in court and it could contribute to your conviction even if you are completely innocent. That is one of the reasons lawyers council their clients to NEVER talk to the police.

      Also IT CAN NEVER EVER HELP YOU. Anything you say in an interview that could be usefull for a defence will be dismissed by the court as hearsay and won’t be accepted as evidence. Your statments can be used against you but not for you.

      Of course the above only applies to American law but I would not be suprised if Europian police and courts act similarly.

      This is the lecture from a law professor that learned me but good:

      1. of course this only applies if you are an innocent person. If you are a jihdi sympathiser, or connected to one, the police are knocking at your door because they already have enough evidence to warrent doing this. Relax, the good news is the war is over for you.

        If you don’t cooperate they will immediately know why and use other methods than direct questioning and then the sentancing at the end of the trial will be even worse. By cooperating when you are guilty, you will get a reduced sentance instead of a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay.

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