Anders Brievik's terrorist attack


it was all about him. KGS

Dr Keith Dutton provides insight into the motivations of Norwegian mass murderer Andres Brevik.

Was the atrocity the fault of of Christian Fundamentalism, White Surpremacism, Islamophobia, Counter Sharia Jihad, Maryam Namazie, Richard Dawkins, Geert Wilders, Melanie Phillips, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, Pat Condell, Tommy Robinson, EDL…etc as scientifically illiterate self appointed experts in the media are claiming?

Or was Brevik just another sexual unadequate with a NPD?

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  1. Turkish vice PM, and FM attended funeral in Trondheim

    Vice PM Behir Bozdag and FM Ahmet Davutoglu were present at the 17 year old girl’s funeral at the multicultural Kolstad football stadium, after the Utøya attack, “bringing condolences from 70 million Turks and the PM”.

    Isn’t it ironic, in Trondheim, this city where a young Norwegian girl ended her life after being diversity raped only a few weeks back? Was any politician even paying attention to her destiny?

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