Obama's Occupy Wall Street Loons Sweden


Of all the buffoonish aims and waste of taxpayer money, this ranks as the worst example. It shows just how looney the Swedish state has becomes after all the decades of far Leftist influence and indoctrination. KGS

H/T: Fjordman

Housing a hedgehog is a crime: Swedish police

Police raided the apartment of a woman in Gävle in eastern Sweden after being tipped off that she was caring for a wild hedgehog in violation of the country’s hunting laws. “We carried out a raid this morning. And there was indeed a hedgehog in there,” Hans-Olof Sundström of the Gävle police to the local Arbetarbladet newspaper. The woman came across the hedgehog in the street in central Gävle back in June. Feeling sorry for it, the woman took the animal back to her apartment and began caring for it. For almost a month, the hedgehog lived a life of luxury in the woman’s flat.

“It appears to have been given food of all kinds, cat food, bread and water. When we arrived there were little sausages on the floor for it to eat,” Sundström told the newspaper. However, as Swedish law prohibits the possession of wild animals, the woman’s act of compassion could end up resulting in criminal charges. After being tipped off about the illicit hedgehog hotel by officials from the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen), police eventually found the prickly animal on the woman’s balcony after a search of her flat. Two county administrative board veterinarians tagged along with local police to verify the variety of hedgehog, which didn’t appear to have suffered any physical harm form the ordeal.

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  1. After rescuing the hedghog from the clutches of the evil female rescuer of the hedghog, it was taken to the city animal shelter and euthanized for its own saftey , the female who rescued the hedghog will appear in court next week charged with willfully helping a wild animal in distress/ends ,dihmmi Sweden/ Reuters

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