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Let me get this straight, ” about year ago the things started to go wrong”, and its the Tea Party’s fault?! What kind of moronic assumption is that? It’s the Tea Party that is bringing the United States Congress, and Excutive branch kicking and screaming back to its foundations, that being, the very document that the dope, Peter Schmitz, says brought greatness to the US.

This is another classic case of an idiot speaking in a major publication, not knowing his arse from a hole in the ground, spouting off his mouth at the very people that stand between total collapse of the US as we know it, and its survival. The Democrats and weak Republican RINOS are what’s driving the US into bankruptcy, the fiscally responsible Tea Party representatives in Congress are the only ones demanding a halt to the spending spree, and if that means gridlock, than baby let there be gridlock, that’s how the system was set up, to give the people time to catch their breath and get their people into office in next elections.

The sky will not fall if the US “defaults” on August 2nd, rather, the markets will be then confident that there are actual people in Congress serious about ending the spending spree which the US cannot sustain, at all. The purse is empty folks, and raising the debt ceiling for Obama is sending the wrong damn message to the markets. No one will want to invest in a bogus, smoke and mirrors US economy if its government isn’t serious about cutting its debt. The Der Spiegel article is a joke, for its casts the blame for the crisis on the very people serious enough to fix it. KGS

Annihilating Democracy with the Tea Party

Democracy depends on compromise and the American government depends on all branches working together. The Tea Party movement shuns both, preferring instead to drive the state into bankruptcy. On principle.

America’s Founding Fathers thought of everything. They wanted to establish several centers of power in Washington rather than just one. They wanted the occupant of the White House to be strong, but Congress was to have the power to check that strength. The friction between Capitol Hill and the White House — a product of this system of checks and balances — was to make the decisions of America’s leaders cleverer, wiser and better.

But the system only works when all branches of government play the role designed for them. For almost 235 years, the system worked reasonably well. But, about a year ago, things started to go wrong in the US capital; the system began to melt down. The friction is no longer propelling the country to greatness, rather it is hastening its decline. Members of the right-wing conservative Tea Party movement, which is well represented in Congress since the last elections, want friction. But at the expense of results.

These lawmakers no longer view themselves as part of the political system. Instead, they identify themselves as its enemy. They see themselves as outsiders, even as they sit in Congress and enjoy the kinds of job benefits they would like to strip from their fellow Americans.

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  1. Lets face it, the writer in this case is faulting the Tea Party for having principles. Apparently having such things is bad in Europe, and sticking to them is even worse.

  2. Germany and Germans as a people are mental serfs. They have never managed to crawl out of their socialist cesspool and never evolved beyond their pathetic dependency on big government, run by worse-than-mediocre apparatchiks, many of whom have never worked a day in their whole miserable lives.

    There is a a situation now, for more than 40 years, where you can hardly differentiate between the ruling socialists and the phony conservative ‘Christian Democrats’, who have lost the plot. Its in effect a one party racket. The watermelon greens are in cahoots with the socialists, like everywhere, and as we all know they are commies under false flag, infiltrated by the Muslims, who are in turn using them to bring about the caliphate.

    The media circus is equally pathetic, these people are lemmings stooped in group-think with a herd mentality that is shameful.

    I gave up a long time ago.

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