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The UNRWA should have been disbanded long ago, it’s just another internationally funded arm of the terrorist war against the Jewish state. While were at it, lets disband the UN as well, as former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton would say, “pass out cell phones to everyone leaving the building”. KGS

UNRWA Association with Hamas: An Overview

Arlene Kushner
Background: UNRWA set the stage

A strong case can be made for the fact that the UNRWA policy regarding “right of return” has fomented radicalism in the population it assists.

Additional material on the ways in which UNRWA promotes “right of return” will follow this introductory report.

Here the reader is referred to citations from one source: “UNRWA: The Unsung Hero,” by Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, the founder of the Palestine Land Society, London.

The perseverance of the Palestinians in their quest to return home is enhanced by the increasing world support and also by the work of UNRWA and its records. These records are the building block of the Return Plan…This simple card [illustrated in a slide] is the genome of the refugeehood (sic). It defines the refugee’s name, his family, the new families of his off-spring, his home in his village of origin and his camp of exile. The whole home-exile odyssey is imprinted in history.

We, all of us, must work actively for the return of the refugees. Only when they return, when they are rehabilitated in their own homes…can we say the job of UNRWA is done…

UNRWA of course will be the main instrument for repatriation. It has a rich history and dedicated staff, ideal for the job.i (Emphasis added)

This was taken from a speech that was delivered by Abu Sitta for the Palestine Return Center in London on December 16, 2009, and then reprinted by the Palestinian Land Society. The Palestine Return Center has been identified by the Terrorism Information Center in Israel as having affiliation with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.ii It has been outlawed in Israel.iii

The progression from UNRWA’s policy on “return” to radicalism is fairly straight-forward: For four generations now, because there has been no “return” to Israel, UNRWA has maintained the status of “refugee” for all those it serves: Its mandate neither provides for nor recognizes permanent settlement of its clients outside of Israel. Disenfranchised “refugees” – indefinitely maintained in a temporary status – are embittered and angry. As they are given to understand that their situation is Israel’s fault, their anger is vented against the Jewish state.

In 2003, this author concluded in a report on UNRWA that:

Imbued with a promise that has not been realized, shunted aside, caught in the misery of squalid surroundings, the refugees in the camps are filled with frustration, with despair, and with rage… they are disenfranchised, set apart…
…The situation has fomented radicalism and terrorism.iv

Read it all here.

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