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The TT was indeed named in an article by Jukka Huusko in Finland’s largest paper, the Helsingin Sanomat (subscription only) , Vasarahammer says: “The article itself tells about Halla-aho’s connections to the Counterjihad and the GoV blog and the context implies connection to the Norwegian murders. It’s pretty sleazy because it basically tries to make Halla-aho and GoV look bad through guilt by association, which is fairly typical MSM journalism.”

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A lone gunman who committed himself over nine years ago to embark upon a journey that was intended from the beginning to end in a premeditated, atrocious act of violence and mayhem, is the albatross that the highly politically motivated, and lack luster media (and political Left) wants to hang around the neck of a person who is simply reporting the truth about media bias and the ongoing Islamization of the West.

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This criminal psychologist, Michael Welner, explains the mindset of Anders Breivik, who followed from the sidelines the loosely confederated movement called the Counter-Jihad, (which has the sole aim of informing the public and influencing politicians of all stripes, to the dangers that supremacist, fundamentalist Islam poses to all of our basic liberal freedoms and rights) but with completely different motives. It’s also the exact same mindset (fundamentalist Islam) that has been arrayed at the tiny Jewish state of Israel for the past +60 years.

I don’t intend a lengthy post here, but I want to state my case in response to a Helsingin Sanomat article that journalist, Jukka Huusko, was presently writing. He stated in a phone conversation his intent to name the TT in a story about the recent claims against the True Finns MP, Jussi Halla-aho, in articles written by both Jussi Jalonen and Toby Archer.

The former, Jussi Jalonen, recently wrote a highly superficial piece trying to link MP Jussi Halla-aho to the Gate of Vienna blog, thinking that the MP had more in the relationship than just having a couple articles posted there. As far as I know, and I do, Halla-aho hasn’t have any relationship with the GOV other than the two articles that were published there.

The point of interest for the HS was the GOV’s usage of the word “correspondent” of Halla-aho for the couple of articles published at the site. I know fully well that it’s just a term the GOV uses for people from different countries who they have corresponded with and have published some of their material from time to time.

[Presently the GOV is undergoing a massive smear campaign by many in the media of being connected ideologically with the Oslo murderer due to publishing many of Fjordman’s writings that appeared in the gunman’s manifesto, thereby tainting the entire movement. That’s there aim of course, even if it means twisting logic all out of shape accompanied with bald faced lies.]

Now the latter, Toby Archer, thinks of himself to be a clever man, when in reality, he’s a third rate wonk and ideological hack who had the nerve and audacity to lay the blame of the Oslo murders right at the feet of the astute blogger, Fjordman.

Archer: Breivik’s manifesto reproduces in full an essay by a well-known Norwegian counter-jihad writer called only “Fjordman” that argues that Socialists and Nazis are one. This may seem ridiculous to anyone with a grasp of modern world history, but clearly was very important in leading Breivik to target a youth camp of the Norwegian Labour Party.

He’s clearly an ignorant man but that is what passes for “expert” in Finland these days, as well as at Foreign Policy. It’s well known that Anders Breivik started his quest for bloody notoriety over nine years ago, and according to the psychologist in the video above, it’s highly plausible that it wasn’t about ideology at all that drove him to commit these atrocious murders, but about his own narcissistic psychopathy.

All of this has led to the present day events as the Left, using the Oslo massacre for maximum political advantage, point fingers at those with whom they already disagree with about mass immigration of Muslims into Europe, as being responsible for the mindset of Anders Breivik.

This blog has always been about, first and foremost, accuracy and fairness in the press as being a key to the freedom of the press and internet blogging. It’s the press distortions that drive people apart, and internet blogging based on truth and accuracy that can can bring people together. Let’s face facts, the media sucks and we all know it, it’s only the hacks that believe that they’re impartial and just “reporting the news”.

For an example, it’s the media’s malfeasance that keeps them from reporting honestly on what actually the Oslo “youth camp” was really all about. It was actually a state funded political indoctrination camp for the Labour party (socialists) that was currently running a highly overt anti-Israel program, with all the posters and trimmings. Getting their “youth” all fired up for anti-Israel behavior was the goal that weekend, until one of their own, a terrorist with evil in his heart, mowed them down.

Lets be clear here, it’s not the Left’s, nor the Right’s fault, nor the loosely confederated movement called the Counter-jihad that’s responsible for the outrage in Oslo, but the lone gunman himself. That’s who’s to blame, not those of us who are speaking truth, no matter how often the gunman parroted that truth, for the truth was never his aim, but an evil narcism, which drove him to achieve his sought after infamous notoriety. KGS

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  1. Michael Welner is a medical doctor (psychiatrist), not a criminal psychologist.

    The training in the respective disciplines is distinct.

    I have misgivings about the claim made by him that its all about Breivik – not ideology.

    Working in a forensic discipline myself, I would need access to the data on which his claim is based, and I would want to track the sequence of his argument to final opinion based on these data.

    Shocking as the offense was I would want to make a detailed analysis of the 1500 pages declaration before offering an opinion as to his sanity or otherwise.

    Hopefully the trial will be open to the public, and the judgement handed down available to the general public.

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