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  1. This could be another of Chowderheads hoaxes. But if it’s not, then the Islamic Council Of Britain, The Society of Muslim Lawyers, The Shariah Court of the UK, The International Shariah Court and Salafmedia have all just commited a crime in the UK by associating themselves with this weasily little acid heads jerk club and their open call for rebellion.

    Or is fomenting rebellion and sedition now legal in England? The way the UK government has been treating people who advocate for the rule of law it’s hard to tell what what side the UK government is on. I mean, it’s impossible for a government to actively encourage it’s own overthrow. Right?

    This is a direct result of Breivik’s insanity. These opportunistic predators now smell blood because they know Europians will be too intimidated to stand up to them right now. They will now push the limits all over europe.

    Breivik may not claim to be a jihadi but his actions have already inspired an amping up of islamic aggression in europe (as we can see from this post) and an intimidation of the people who are confronting it. The results of that bastards atrocity might well be far worse for Europe than 9/11 was for America, particularly as the governments of Europe seem to have been pre-cowed into submision already.

    1. Breivik is not insane, on the contrary he’s a lucid individual. Rather, he’s extremely narcissistic and a sociopath. It was about himself, in his quest to rise to stardom through mass murder over nine years ago.

      1. Oh absolutely. I was refering to the insanity of his act. I was not saying that he was a paranoid schizophrenic. But to be accurate lucididty and sanity are not the same thing. Narcissistisism, Sociopathy and Psychopathy are forms of insanity. OCD is insanity. One can be completly clinically bat shit without being schizophrenic.

        He also shows evidence of haveing an unresolved oedipal complex. He is mentioned living with his mother and no father is mentioned- the unresolved Oedipal complex could have been caused if his father had left the family when breivik was at a certain age, or the unresolved oedipal complex could have been caused by his general bat shittery. Freudian analysis might have helped if the former but not if the later. It appears to be an issue but not the only one, rather it is interrellated with his other issues.

        He was obsessed with the dominant political force as a nemisis and wished to kill the prime minister. The countries father figure. This does point to some sort of oedipal issues. I suspect but will never be able to prove, that if conservatives were in power he would desire to be a radical left winger and would have searched for quotes from Marx and Bakunin to reinforce and justify his resentments.

        He also appears to be Schizotypal. That’s not schizophrenia. Thats when a completely lucid and rational seeming person will go to the police and lodge a complaint that his next door neighbor is pointing a death ray at him, or believe they have been abducted by a UFO (or that Lyndon LaRouche is talking sense).

        The police expressed being speechless at the odd beliefs he was telling them about (I don’t know if they were the same as in his “manifesto”). All police have had experience with paranoid schizophrenics so they would not have been flummixed if it was that. Everyone who’s met him after this comes away knowing he is crazy but don’t know exactly what kind of crazy.

        1. People who are paranoid schizophrenic are eligible for the insanity defence as they are not responsible for their thoughts or actions. But people who have such things as narcissism, sociopathy, psychopathy, oepipal complexes, and schizoptypal personality disorder are still perfectly capable of making rational decisions about their behavior and so are responisble for their actions.

          They aren’t diagnosese that should result in being unable to stand trial or cop an insanity plea.

          1. WOW! I just found a youtube vid of a psychiatrist talking about schizotypal personality disorder. It is not the same definition I have read recently from a pchyiatric health site but seems to fit Breivik even better than what I said.

          2. He does not conform to the Narcissistic personality disorder. Such people put down everyone but themselves. They only interact with others in order to exploit them. They need constant POSITIVE reactions from people. This does not sound like him at all.

  2. This is funny. The British Royal Family has been taking (they like to say “accepting”) large gifts from Persian Gulf leaders for decades. Soon, they will be replaced with an “Emir”.

    It couldn’t happen to nicer people, KGS.

    The U.K. is often viewed by Americans in the perspective of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. They were anomalies.

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