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Tommy Robinson mops the floor with a hostile bully of the BBC

This was a disgusting attempt at character assasination. Tommy held more than his ground though. I would have liked to ask the host, “I saw you at a soccer game and Bin Laden was in the bleachers. Do you deny being at a stadium with Bin Laden and why would you be at a soccer game with him if you didn’t have the same goals. Also, which of Bin Laden’s 50 years of mutterings do you disagree with?”

It was not an interview but an attempted character assassination. Tommy should have had the right to a bloody lawyer in an interview like this. And to think this is a state funded broadcaster. For shame.

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  1. I hope the interviewer accidentally walks into a no go zone.

  2. This is a typical example of how the left go about their attempts to smear people with whom they disagree.

    The whole interview was nothing more than an attempt by this bigot to draw some tenuous link between Tommy Robinson /EDL and Breivik.

    The constant interruption and talking over Tommy’s responses to the questions put, revealed the total lack of integrity and the blind ideological commitment to denigrate anyone who would dare to speak out against political islam.

    No manners, no integrity, no argument to present – just a pathetic attempt to link Tommy with Breivik.

    What a low act; what a mess the UK is in with people like this goat pushing his multi-culti agenda.

    And what about how he jumped on Tommy at the end- with his nonsensical: “This sounds like a threat”.

    How Tommy put up with this nitwit is beyond my understanding.

    The way to deal with people like this is to say very politely at the outset – as the camera is rolling: “When you ask a question, grant me the courtesy of answering the question. If you interrupt me, or talk over me, I will just say sorry, I bid you goodbye.”

  3. Jeremy Paxman actually gave Tommy Robinson an easy ride. Paxman is the rabid dog of British TV interviewers and he was not as aggressive as he usually is in this interview.

    Tommy Robinson did a brilliant job and came off best, but he did miss a powerful point. Paxman kept asking him what he disagreed with in the Norwiegian lunatics manifesto and Tommy should have told him that the manifesto quoted Churchill, Gandhi, Orwell, Jefferson, John Locke, Edmund Burke, Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, and the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

    He should have asked Paxman if he agreed with any of the things said by those men and then told Jeremy Paxman that if he did then he agreed with things in the terrorists manifesto.

    1. Thanks Bogiman, I appreciate your observations. Tommy could have, should have mentioned that…but being in the spotlight and having everything at the tip of your tongue is not an easy skill. He did pretty well all considered. Nut you raise a very excellent point.

  4. Bogiman I also can think of a lot of, what I think the French call, ‘Witt on the staircase’ but given that Tommy was highly on the spot with a seasoned prosecutor, (that is his style and I’m surprised he hasn’t been sued for it) Tommy did really well and came out on top I would say.
    But yes I can think of a few things I imagine I would have said in Tommy’s place as well.

  5. Given that Tommy is a lot younger than Paxman and therefore less experienced, and is not formally educated, he should be knighted for his performance. Everytime he interviews he will get more skilled. Paxman is a wide eyed idealogue.

    History will not treat the Norwegian lunatic kindly. But it will Tommy.

    1. I was surprised by Tommy Robinson’s performance in the Paxman interview. I’ve seen Paxman in action before and he attacks his prey like a panzer division, he is highly skilled and can crush an opponent.

      I nearly didn’t watch the interview as I was expecting Paxman to annihilate Tommy and it was a spectacle I didn’t relish watching, but I did watch it and I was amazed. Tommy put up a brilliant argument and defeated Paxman. Very few people can do this and Tommy deserves a medal. Very well done.

      1. You make me laugh. Paxman was calm and let Tommy speak. Tommy presented himself as a racist and that was quite evident from his blabber.

        1. Hey HAHA, he may have been calm, but he was outclassed and out shown by robinson. The Left is the party of race identity, and where there is an overwhelming focus on race, there is racism. The Left.

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