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Toby Archer, formerly a research analyst for the Finnish Institute for International affairs, UPI, is someone that the Tundra Tabloids met some years ago at a certain diplomatic event in Helsinki. We exchanged views then as well as on both of our blogs, mostly concerning the Islamic threat facing Europe and Western civilization as a whole. He clearly fell along the lines of “you’re exaggerating the situation”, but never managed to convincingly counter any of the points that I brought up.

For Toby, it sufficed to say of Bat Ye’or’s book, Eurabia, as being just a work of a conspiracist, a fear monger, and not to be taken seriously. What Toby could never bring himself to understand, let alone accept, is that the Eurabia Ye’or depicts, is not a conspiracy at all, but a certain mindset inculcated throughout the bodies of the EU by a governing culture that promotes it as a ‘certain correct way of thinking’.

Anyone daring to buck that ‘accepted’ culture was/still is to be shunned like a leper, cast aside and treated like a fascist and relegated to the outer darkness with all the other racists and bigots. To such minds, voicing any such criticism of their pet project is in fact to reject all morality and virtue. Toby Archer shows himself to be exactly such a person in his half baked article in the Foreign Policy (FP) concerning the Norway massacre.

Archer explains in ‘Breivik’s Swamp’

Many of the first articles in the international media trying to understand Breivik called him a far-right extremist. While this is perhaps true in the widest sense, the label confuses more than it explains. The post-war European far-right has tended to be neo-Nazi and fascist. Most of these groups, be they political parties in some countries or barely organized football hooligans in others, have on the whole shared an obsession with Jews as the evil “other,” and the connections and cross fertilization between European fascists and the North American far-right in its various forms — from the Christian Identity movement to right-wing militias to some so-called paleoconservatives — has long been well documented and understood.

In contrast, the counter-jihad movement defines itself in part in opposition to neo-Nazis, indeed taking great pains to attempt to show that the Nazis were “socialists.” This is taken to rather silly lengths where modern European social democrats (and even U.S. President Barack Obama and American Democrats) are called “socialists” alongside other “socialists” like Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Marx and — of course — Hitler. Breivik’s manifesto reproduces in full an essay by a well-known Norwegian counter-jihad writer called only “Fjordman” that argues that Socialists and Nazis are one. This may seem ridiculous to anyone with a grasp of modern world history, but clearly was very important in leading Breivik to target a youth camp of the Norwegian Labour Party.

Perhaps it would be easier for Archer if the Counter-Jihad defined these groups as ‘statists’. But that aside, the Nazis were indeed socialists, called themselves socialists and railed against the Bourgeoisie, and worked to build a socialism on the national level for Germans in an ultra-nationalist environment.

Mussolini was a staunch Marxist, as was Adolf Hitler, (until class warfare proved to be unworkable), with Italian Fascism (and National Socialism) owing a great debt to the work of Karl Marx. Why would calling them socialist bother dear Toby Archer, if indeed the facts leads us there?

In what is just one egregious statement after the other, he claims in his article that it was indeed Fjordman himself that led Breivik to massacre the youth at the Norwegian Leftist (and state funded) youth camp, for equating Nazis with Socialists. To date, no other commenter in a respected publication has done so, that directly. As it has been pointed out before, in the same manifesto, Breivik started out on his journey of death over nine years ago, four years ahead of most of the voices within the Counterjihad.

Both the Tundra Tabloids and Fjordman started to blog in 2005, and most certainly couldn’t have had any influence whatsoever on the mind of Anders Breivik. Toby Archer needs to publicly apologize to Fjordman for maligning his name with such a bald faced claim, it was utterly irresponsible and demonstrably false. KGS

NOTE: There are a whole host of ridiculous notions and assertions in the Archer article, but the TT is pressed for time and can’t address them all right here and now.

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  1. I remember debating Toby Archer at the Finland For Thought site, and I was totally unimpressed by his thinking. He is worse than stupid (for the stupid can sometimes surprise): he is a mediocrity. There is nothing original in anything that he has to say.

    What’s more, he is very much a parasite. It’s always the parasite academics that wind up pontificating on how the world should be run, when the world is already very well run by businessmen. The parasites must justify their non-contribution by more vocal and strident criticism, no matter how poorly-founded it might be.

    1. Thanks Finnpundit, your analysis on this creep is ‘spot on.’

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