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The real reason why Cenk Uygur was replaced by Al-Not so-Sharpton*? You think?. KGS

Breitbart: “Recently ousted NBC News host Cenk Uygur tells CNN’s Howard Kurtz why he thinks he was replaced by Rev. Al Sharpton. You can write-off Uygar’s criticism as sour grapes, but after watching Sharpton’s appearance a few months ago on 60 Minutes it is remarkable to think that NBC News has hired him to host a political show as President Obama enters his re-election campaign.”

*Coined by Mark Levin, THE GREAT ONE.

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  1. My memory of Al Sharpton is that he is a Rev. Wright type of person. He is a closet anti-semite even though he has kept his mouth shut for some time. He is a stain on the human community.

    I am sure that Al Sharpton has not changed when it comes to Jews or anyone else. Al Sharpton is out for Al Sharpton.

  2. I find it to be totally illogical and oxy-moronic, if you will, to even suggest that an African American, particularly Al Sharpton who happens to be a professed Christian who believes in the diety of God Almighty and Jesus, could remotely be considered a racist and an anti-semite.
    History’s past and present has clearly shown that the bigotry that resides in the bossom of America is clearly headed by large segments of White Americans; whether in rural areas or large cities.
    For those who regard Al Sharpton as a controversial figure infiltrating “main-streets” cushiony disposition that is not all to often confronted with real perspective coming from outside the protected walls of “main-street”, I more than welcome Rev. Al to the platform! Besides, America requires a good dose of in-your-face talk and commentary from the likes of Al Sharpton. I will be an avid watcher of his program on MSNBC when he comes on and I will spread the word around to as many as I can to support his program! 🙂

    1. Al Sharpton is an opportunistic, race baiting narcissist and a demagogue, who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a public platform. What you’re actually saying is, Big Sexy, that no Black man could ever be a racist. That is totally illogical. I’m sure that there are over 700 000 dead Hutu that would disagree with your assertion.

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