Anders Brievik's terrorist attack


Working as a security guard on the island, Trond Berntsen, step brother to the crown princess, Mette-Marit, an off duty police officer was not carrying a weapon.

This is an interesting difference between law enforcement policies. The Tundra Tabloids knows for a fact that police officers in Finland do not carry a concealed weapon while off duty. Though the TT isn’t 100% sure, it’s very very possible the same policy is in force in both in Norway (and in Sweden) which would explain the reason why the off duty cop, shot and killed by the terrorist, Anders Breivik, was not carrying his weapon.

The Tundra Tabloids’ brother-in-law has been a police officer in a Michigan city for over 20 years, and carries a weapon, on and while off duty. While it can never be determined whether the princesses brother could have nailed Breivik if he had been carrying a gun, it would have certainly raised the percentage points on his staying alive. This kind of policy reflects typical Left-wing (progressive) thinking. Being anti-gun extends even to the police force. KGS

Source, UutisAalto and Iltasanomat

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  1. How sad for her to loose her brother. You are talking about cops not carrying a gun off duty. In the article by Bruce Bawer @ Pajamas media I read (or in the comments, I’m not sure) that Norwegian cops don’t carry guns at all. I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is then it’s weird, extremely weird.

    1. Yes, I saw that in several articles: Norwegian police routinely works without carrying a gun.

      This is another point were we Danes are smarter. Not only could Trond Berndsen possibly have saved his own life, but also many, many others, if he had been carrying a gun on his duty as security guard for the young people.

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