Anders Brievik's terrorist attack


It could have been any number of issues taken up by Breivik that could have led to the very same scenario. Sultan Knish offers a valid observation of what is, and what should be done in the wake of the massacre in Norway. The Tundra Tabloids, nor the Sultan Knish, is blaming the Norwegian government for the murders, any more than we would blame animal rights nutjobs if Breivik picked up his rifle for their cause, just that the cause he took up was there for his choosing, and the need for the situation (mass immigration of Muslims unwilling to integrate themselves) to be addressed.  KGS

NOTE: Also worth noting is that he was not motivated by a Christian faith he declared that he didn’t share. Click here.

UPDATE: Click here for Chinadroll’s take as well.

“Of course the police and government must leave no stone unturned trying to discover any links he may have had to terrorist and other groups at home and abroad. That’s their job and it seems they’re doing it professionally and well. It’s the media I’m concerned about. Why are they trying so desperately to find something, anything, to blame it on, apart from HIM?”

Anders Behring Breivik and the High Cost of Muslim Immigration

An excerpt: Had Breivik not imagined himself a crusader, then he would have become an animal rights activist, an anti-capitalist terrorist, or just a random spree killer– acting out scenarios from Modern Warfare 2, his favorite video game, in real life. There is no use in trying to apply some measure of consistency to his beliefs. And his choice of targets likely had a large element of personal grievance or resentment to it that he then dressed up in manifesto form.

Breivik, like so many modern young Western males, was a loner, a disaffected cynic looking for something to believe in. A man in a place without positive images of manhood. No decent path between the hyperviolence of the action hero and the submission of the citizen of the postmodern state. A favorite escape of his was into a fantasy past through role playing games. An identity that he tried to adopt in reality by calling himself a knight.

The combination of steroid use, isolation and violent fantasies made him a ticking social time bomb. But it was the system that lit the fuse and made it possible for him to transform personal dysfunction into a political statement. That convinced an intelligent man that he could exploit a social problem to bring down the authorities. It was Breivik who pulled the trigger, but it was the Norwegian authorities who created and then ignored the social problem of Islamic immigration, that enabled him to exploit it in a burst of horrifying violence.

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  1. Complete reconstruction of crazy conspiracy aggainst president Vaclav Klaus brings investigative journalist Adam Bartos. More info:

    > Komu:

    > Předmět: Attempted abuse of psychiatry against the president of the CR. Doctors scandal conspiracy the president V.Klaus ( supposedly because of the Lisbon Treaty ): Links:

    Dear, Mr. A.Bolt,

    But the Case.
    I would like to inform you, That Czech Doctors tried to get rid of the partial
    eligibility president of Czech rep. – because of the Treaty of Lisbonmentioned.
    Klaus proclaim the mentally ill, because they want to sign the Lisbon Treaty – an idea developed last fall, a group of doctors and lawyers, who wanted the President to declare unfit to perform his office. What was that about?
    To the public recently leaked email correspondence of some Czech doctors (Dr.John Hnízdil, Dr. Martin Jan Stransky, psychoanalyst Dr.Vaclav Mikota, Dr. Slavomil Hubálek and other…/ such as czech psychoanalysts Vera Fischel, Petr Pothe), which deals with the possibilities of how to get rid of legal capacity of President. Its authenticity of some of the players confirmed. Doctors Hnízdil Stransky and the initiative even proudly reported.
    More info in Web journalist Adam Bartos:

    Dr. J.Hnizdil wroted artical called Psychopaths in politics is detrimental to health. ) here:

  2. No surprise here, this caper smacks of a Soviet era plot have someone declared ‘insane’ or mentally ill and even if it is a total lie, many will fail to recognize a character assassination in the works.

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