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Fjordman, John Lennon and Che Guevara

Posted on July 24, 2011 by Eeyore

I am getting rather fed up with commenters here and elsewhere, as well as articles that are appearing in the MSM and blogs accusing the historian and blogger known as ‘Fjordman’, a personal friend of mine and someone who’s thinking and character I admire very much, of being everything from a mentor to the Norwegian mass-murdering monster to actually being that Norwegian mass-murdering monster despite the fact that he is not in jail and continues to publish while the accused is at the moment, safely in jail.

A few things need to be pointed out right now which dramatically effect the complexion of this event and how Fjordman’s role is perceived in it.

For one thing, the killers manifesto shows he has been planning this event for over 9 years. This means that Anders had planned to do this atrocity or something very much like it for years before Fjordman or for that matter any of us in the counter jihad had even begin to write.

Secondly, I do not see anyone now or then accusing John Lennon of killing Sharon Tate. The Beatles wrote a rather angry sounding song called ‘Helter Skelter’ which the psychotic serial killer Charles Manson used as his inspiration to murder many people most notably Roman Polanski’s then pregnant wife Sharon Tate and write the name of the song in blood on the walls of their family home.

He wrote about how Helter Skelter was the Beatles way of letting us all know about the coming race war between blacks and whites in the USA.

No one then except for a few kooks accused the Beatles of having any real complicity in these crimes. They understood that people can take any influence they want and use it how they see fit for their purposes and this paints no guilt on the person who’s work was taken grossly out of context as the Beatles certainly never meant to inspire anything remotely like the actions in Oslo on July 22 of 2011 just as Fjordman never advised, wrote, said or for that matter thought that it might be a good idea to let bombs off all over Norway and kill a lot of indigenous Norwegian children or anyone for that matter.

However I can’t help but grimace at the thought that many who would condemn Fjordman for the fact that his writing has been twisted and abused by a monster who planned his awful deed years in advance of even reading Fjordman’s work, would likely wear Che T shirts, glorifying a mass murderer and Castro’s prison torturer, a man who used his medical skills to be a better administrator of human suffering and creator of maximum pain for Castro’s political opponents and often whole villages of people who just did not agree with his totalitarian vision.

Like so many stomach turning ironies of this day and age, we are reminded of how urgently necessary is our sense of smell.

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  1. The MSM has their underwear in a knot due to the fact that pre internet they exercised almost total control over content and timing in the dissemination of the news. Along came the blogs and various websites and they still can’t deal with it, and make every effort to sabotage, discredit, or destroy any difference of opinion or challenge to the truth and substance of their reporting. IMHO most MSM outlets are mere extensions of government ‘Ministries of Truth and Propaganda’

    1. that’s the truth as I see it. Now the powers that be see a momentous occasion to shut us all the hell up. It’s not a question of if, but of when, it’s in the dna of mankind to control others. The US constitution is a brief passing in the historical context. tyranny, oppression and hard handed politics is the norm.

  2. I am not surprised to see a supporter of the US and Israel back such claims as “Che was a Mass-Murderer”. More, that he used his medical knowledge to Torture and cause suffering to many a people.
    Che Guevara did oversee the killing of a number of people. However they were the criminals. The Baptista Regime tortured Thousands of man, women and even children on their search to destroy the Guerilla. I would like to see evidence given by an independent group about those whole villages being wiped out.
    For a long time, Che dedicated his life to treating Tuberculosis patients in a jungle. Treating people who did not have the money to get healthcare and received only food and shelter in return.

    1. What a bunch of nonsense Joao, Che was a cold blooded killer, and a coward. that is the Left’s hero.

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