Anders Brievik's terrorist attack Norway


Enough with the “counter-jihad / Fjordman caused this mayhem in Norway” meme, the man had been planning this act of terror for over nine freaking years! This is long before any of the known anti-Islamization voices ever got moving, and way before they became a recognizable force, and four years before this blog, the TT, went online. This pours some mighty cold water on the MSM’s smear campaign against us. KGS

The terror was planned over nine years ago

24. July 2011 7:55 Udland

NRK (Norwegian state media) The detained Anders Breivik describes in a 1,500-page manifesto, how he was over nine years, planning the two terror acts on Friday in Oslo’s center and the on island of Utøya, as well as the benefits of working/operating on your own.

ALSO, read the Norwegian state media’s take on the Counter-jihad dismissing any connection to the loon murderer.

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  1. Saved 250 from the fjord
    – Asked to leave area

    – Where is the police helicopter? Where is the rescue helicopter?
    Called desperately 113 for ambulances while picking up campers from the fjord. Private hero rescuers were told by state/commune coordinating ambulance unit AMK, to leave and seek security because police hadn’t yet cleared area.

    This was the program they had planned for 2011

  2. 9 years? Still I find it hard to believe that he did it all by himself. I don’t want to get involved in conspiracy theories, but the story so far is a little odd.

    1. Oh I see, it’s the Jooooooos. Truth be told, Breivik was only interested in promoting his own agenda, that being, murder to jettison his name into the media’s stratosphere. His father was a high ranking Labour Lefty, and he had an axe to grind with him as well, so he thought he’s whack to moles with the same whack.

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