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  1. What took the police so long to get to the island? Should be a 10 minutes flight by helicopter from Oslo. How many lives could have been saved had the police gotten there earlier?

  2. Meticulous Myth building

    It may seem like a negligible detail, but look closely at the address to the left in this video, Møllergaten 19. You can see that the team has chosen to keep this in the picture to the left of Stoltenberg’s head. Accidentally, or not?

    The address Møllergaten 19 has several connotations for the history of Norway.
    Originally the building was raised here in 1862 to house the police station, and the court. It was a policestation until 1978.

    During WW2, Gunnar Sønsteby(93) the most credited, and highest decorated resistance hero, was actually, the one who brought Quisling from Møllergaten 19, to Akershus Fortress, where he was later executed.

    This is also where Vidkun Quisling surrendered to Norwegian authorities after Hitler’s capitulation.

    Sønsteby is the one who blew up Akersgaten 55, during WW2, the very same address where the VG House is today, the building that Sønsteby left only minutes before the 2011 blast on Friday.

    A negligible detail, or part of the myth building?

  3. Political Commentator, former Political Editor, of VG died in a boat accident, in a bay, two weeks ago, when he was found floating in the sea, with the engine running. After the first news which said that the body would be autopsied, there was a total silence about the incident, until the funeral.

  4. Do Muslims in Norway consider themselves part of the Norwegian nation spoken of in this address? Indeed, do they consider themselves to share the values of Norway spoken of in this address? Does this PM really believe that the values of Norway are founded on democracy? I don’t believe that he knows where his values actually originate i.e. those of tolerance, forgiveness and equality.

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