The STIOW press release makes it clear that, Anders Breivik, was not a member of their organization. KGS

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  1. I have been watching all day the Norwegian TV channel, NRK1, that Swedish state-owned television, as a result of these tragic events, has linked directly to Swedish viewers, and I can tell you that the Marxists are having a field day. The saying that the left will never let a “good” crisis go to waste, no matter how vile or bizarre the circumstances, is true. The Blame Game is now on and the fingers are pointing at right-wing politics and Anti-Islamization movements, that – according to some of the so called “experts” and talking heads that so far have been allowed to comment on this tragic event – have been inciting anti-Muslim sentiments and hatred towards the Norwegian government, that is been held responsible for multiculturalism in general and muslim immigration in particular.

    In one sequence of Saturday’s program, Helge Lurås, a senior researcher at NUPI (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs), and disreputable Israel-basher, actually – for the sake of community cohesion and integration of foreigners – expressed relief over the terrorist being an ethnic Norwegian, and not a Muslim. In the same program, Daniel Poohl, a Swede and spokesperson for the Marxist/Leninist extremist organization Expo, and chief editor of the Expo magazine that publishes articles relating to racism islamophobia and xenophobia, spewed bile and and vitroil at websites, that according to him, incite hatred and engage in cowardly attacks on Muslims. It was his opinion that if weren’t for the anonymity of the internet, non of the Anti-Jihad websites would even exist, because a galvanized public opinion would force them to close down.

  2. “It was his opinion that if weren’t for the anonymity of the internet, non of the Anti-Jihad websites would even exist, because a galvanized public opinion would force them to close down.”
    That’s right and the Jihadist websites would not exist either? Oh wait a minute yes they would because it would be seen as freedom of speech in a multicultural world where the minority trumps the majority, the way it is going someday your multicultural Islamist will be the majority, see if they care about freedom of speech or varying opinions.

  3. Stop the Islamization of Europe and Start the DeIslamification of Europe

  4. Islam…I am feeling sorry for fellow narrow minded snoops of Hitler and Mousolloni (Both exterme haters from Europe) who have been trying hard to undermine the life and psychology of Muslims simply b/c the latter are not willing to participate in pornography, alcholo, gambling, drug,…the very principle these right-wing minority elements of society see as their very basic right to dismantle the society!


    It grows from time to time but it never passed unchallenged in history just b/c it stands for TRUTH. But TRUTH alway hurts!!!

    1. Islam is against the freedom of the individual, and seeks to impose it’s mores upon any society it comes into contact with. That is what the Counterjihad opposes. Islam is a totalitarian ideology, even more so than the two branches of totalitarian socialism, Communism and Fascism. Islam is a fake moral system which imposes its will through force or fear of that force upon the individual. That type of system is to be opposed tooth and nail, for it assaults the basic of freedoms, speech and the right to choose one’s own course in life, not the state nor any god. In Islam, the rights of the gods outweigh the rights of men.

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