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You know, this is the lowest of the low, the statist mindset can’t allow anyone to benefit from the effort of their own work, they (the government statist) have to have their unearned share in the profits. Their appetite for your wealth, no matter how miniscule, is insatiable.

These faceless unelected government bureaucrats are our modern day tormentors, they’re leaches and parasites who want to every now and then let us all be reminded, just exactly who has the political power in society. Like the TT said, this is the lowest of the low. KGS

Karjalainen: Bottle-collection income is taxable

Deposit money from collected bottles should be declared to the tax office, reports the Karjalainen regional daily newspaper on Friday. According to taxation law, collected bottle deposits count as earned income, and should be reported on tax returns.

Deposits on bottles purchased by the returner are not regarded as earned income as the deposit was previously paid by the person returning them. Those deposits do not have to be declared.

“Everything that is not specifically been made tax-exempt is taxable,” said the head of the South Savo tax office, Mikko Rongas. “If you earn a side income by, for example, collecting bottles at a rock festival, it should be declared to the tax authorities.”

He does not himself remember ever having seen a tax return in which bottle-deposit income was declared.


NOTE: The most disturbing thin in all of this is, the average Finn will lift up his or her head and say…it’s now taxable?…oh ok.

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  1. If you consider this logically, does not the bottle owner relinquish ownership of the hypothetical deposit due to him/her on return of the bottle, when it is discarded?

    The point of the exercise is to recycle used bottles and so the bottle collector who returns the bottle to a collection depot has as much right to the deposit due to the purchaser who threw the empty bottle away.

    Actually a bonus ought to be given to the collector who returns the empty bottles for helping to keep the environment clean and tidy.

  2. not very encouraging to make the effort and clean the ones in ditches- every worker deserves his salary so his salary will be -0 if you consider the time, cost of soap, running water-gas to bring to store etc. not worth collecting i say if we pay taxes- unless the deposit goes up

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