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The conservatievs were right about teh communist infiltrastion of the progressives in Hollywood and in washington, and they are right about the Muslim Brotherhood now. Don’t count on too many libs however, to see the light and mount an offense, they’re just as blinded now as they were in the 50’s.. KGS

Anti-American Activities: A Cold War-Style Effort to Root Out ‘Civilizational Jihad’

It is not exactly news that the Obama presidency is determined to go to   unprecedented lengths to mollify, appease and otherwise pander to what   it calls the “Muslim world.”  But the question  has begun to occur:  At  what point do these efforts cross the line from  a misbegotten policy  to one that is downright anti-American – hostile  to our values,  incompatible with our vital interests and at odds with  our  Constitution?

The  evidence is rapidly accumulating that we have  reached that point. Our  representatives in Congress must have the  courage to re-discover a lost  vocabulary, one that is conscious of the   fact that subversion of our counter-terror institutions—and,  indeed,  our very understanding of the threat we face—is a goal of our  enemy in  the War on Terror. The danger entailed cries out for  congressional  oversight, and corrective action.

Ronald Reagan testifying about Communist penetration of Hollywood

What  is needed is a new select  committee modeled after the much-vilified,  but ultimately vindicated,  House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).  (This vindication is  comprehensively  documented in Yale University Press’ groundbreaking Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, and expanded in M. Stanton Evans’ 2009  Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.  Members  of Congress and their staff can only benefit from reading  these studies  to have a better understanding of the history of their  own  institution.)  Such a panel needs a mandate to investigate in  particular  the extent to which the Obama administration’s anti-American   activities reflect the success of the toxic Muslim Brotherhood (MB or  Ikhwan) in penetrating and subverting both U.S. government agencies and  civil institutions.

Consider a few examples of what appear to be such successes:


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  1. Investigations of the KGB archives and interviews with soviets after prerestroika proved McCarthy had been absolutely right. There had been extensive subversion campagns using, amongst other tacticts, agents of influence who would target influential people and attempt to affect their opinions.

    The british did a similar but quieter investigation at the same time and found lots and lots of soviet infiltrators at work in their government.

    The highest ranking Soviets often said to each other that the idea of invading or nuking America was laughable and unnessary as the US was dying a death of MANY CUTS. The subversion campagn was one of the ways they delivered those many cuts. Too bad for them it didn’t work as libral democracy is a branch that can bend without breaking.

  2. Oops. The correct term is “Death Of A Thousand Cuts” or “Death By A Thousand Cuts”, not “Death Of Many Cuts”.

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