He’s a total nutjob anyways, gets the full rod but stays a fundamustard. Also, the interviewer calls the attackers ‘misguided’, but we’ll just call them…… pious. KGS

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EXCLUSIVE: “I will never forgive them” Interview with the victim of the ‘Sharia whipping’ has managed to secure an exclusive interview with Chris Martinez the Muslim convert who was the victim of a savage vigilante style attack misguidedly attributed to Sharia Law by a group of 4 offenders.

AK:  Firstly, thanks very much for granting us this interview in these very hard circumstances.  Can I start by asking you, how long have you been Muslim for?

CM: About 3 years, I’ve been reverted to Islam.

AK: I understand that one of the guys that was allegedly involved in the attack was someone that you knew?

CM: Yes that’s true.

AK: Was it someone who helped you convert, and talked to you about Islam?

CM: Yes.

AK: So you were friends with him, in other words?

CM: Yes. 100%. We were friends.

AK: And how do you feel about him now?

CM: Words cannot describe the anger at the moment that I have. I will never forgive him but I guess Allah will judge him on the Day of Judgment, and Allah can forgive him.

AK: Can you describe to me what happened on the night you were lashed?

CM: I have a problem with drinking that I have been trying to overcome. I had been drinking at home with a friend that morning. I am not sure how, but I know that somehow somebody must have seen me drinking. I went to bed at about 7:30.  At 1am in the morning, I was woken up by my so-called friend who had another 3 individuals with him.

CM: What did he say to you?

AK: He told met that basically I would be getting 40 lashes as punishment for drinking alcohol.

AK:  What went through your mind when he said that?

CM: At first I thought he was joking. But once they grabbed me and put me on the bed, I knew they were serious. They started whipping me. I was crying, screaming. In a lot, a lot of pain.

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