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Revolting. Is it irony that Spain is soon to be swallowed up by the fundamustards? KGS

Israel ambassador bids farewell to ‘anti-semitic’ Spain

Israel’s ambassador in Madrid described the “hatred and anti-semitism” he had experienced during his four years in Spain, in a message post on the embassy website Saturday. Raphael Shutz said that his four years in Spain had included some difficult moments. He cited Israel’s January 2009 assault on the Palestinian-held Gaza Strip, which provoked an international outcry; and the May 2010 commando raid on a Gaza-bound aid convoy in which nine Turkish activists were killed. In addition, he said, “…the fact of having personally experienced the hate and the anti-semitism that exists in Spanish society is something that I take away with me.” But he stressed too, that he had also had many positive experiences.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries were first established in January 1986 after centuries of hostility following the publication of a royal order expelling the Jews from Spain in 1492. The edict of expulsion was formally nullified 500 years later at an official ceremony in March 1992 which was attended by the Spanish king and then Israeli president Haim Herzog.

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  1. There were some very good years of Spanish/Israel relations. Unfortunately, after 9/11/01, Spain was rocked by a massive bombing attack on a passenger rail train. The attack emanated from Islamists (I believe it was an Al-Qaida attack, if my memory serves me.) Spanish voters quickly caved into appeasement mode and elected a leftist government. The period that followed is evident in the outgoing Israeli Ambassador’s remarks.

  2. Spanish society has always to some degree been anti-Semitic. They also have this weird thing against Americans and English people.

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