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The Israeli’s have offered free assistance in handling aid shipments via Israeli ports straight to the Gaza Strip, they only stipulation is that they are carefully checked by the IDF for weapons. What these morons are trying to do is to break a legal anti-weapons blockade imposed upon the genocidal Hamas regime, while delegitimizing the Jewish state, that is what this is all about, politics, not aid. KGS

Navy takes over Gaza-bound French flotilla ship ‘Dignity’

07/19/2011 13:02

After crew of over a dozen pro-Palestinian activists refuses to divert course away from closed naval blockade of Gaza, IDF soldiers board, commandeer ship with no resistance; yacht will be brought to Ashdod Port.

The Israel Navy commandeered and intercepted the Gaza-bound French ship Dignity – Al-Karama after negotiations to persuade 15 pro-Palestinian activists aboard to divert their course away from the Strip’s closed naval blockade failed.

Navy soldiers did not encounter any resistance during the interception which resulted after the ship’s captain refused to cooperate with the IDF’s demand to divert its course to the Ashdod Port, the IDF Spokesperson said in a statement.

An IDF doctor inspected the passengers and they were transferred to one of the navy ships where they received food and water. The bridge of the Dignity was taken over by navy officers and then began sailing towards the Ashdod Port. The 15 passengers will be transferred to Interior Ministry officials and immigration authorities in Ashdod. They will likely be deported from Israel.

Shortly before the take-over, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz ordered the navy to take control of the yacht as he was overseeing the operation from an underground command center at the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv (kirya). Gantz gave the command to Navy Vice Admiral Eliezer Maron who was at sea with the forces.

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  1. “a dozen pro-Palestinian activists”

    They are NOT pro Palestinian activists. They are Pro HAMAS activists. Have we seen ANY pro Palestinian Authority activists in the last few years? Any Pro West Bank activists? NO! All of them have been protesting ONLY for Hamas.

    They should ALWAYS be reffered to as pro Hamas activists because that’s what they are. They are only representing what HAMAS orders them to represent.

    This means they are anti woman activists, anti homosexual activists, pro destruction of democratic states activists. Anti democracy activists. Anti freedom of concience activists. Anti christian and anti jew activists. They are pro rocket activists. They are NOT peace activists. Hamas fires rockets into Isreal. They are Not human rights activists. Hamas does not believe in universal human rights.

    The one thing they absolutely are NOT is pro palestinian activists.

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