Before you go soft on me, Andy reminds us:

“The minarets are our bayonets; the dome is the helmet; the mosque is the barracks and the believers are our soldiers.” Turkey PM, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

And the TT backs Cain’s right and wisdom in saying so. KGS



US Republican hopeful backs right to ban mosques

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain on Sunday said US communities that want to ban mosques have a right to do so, as he backed opponents of a mosque being built in Tennessee.

“Islam is both a religion and a set of laws — Sharia laws. That’s the difference between any one of our traditional religions where it’s just about religious purposes,” Cain told Fox News Sunday.

Asked whether a community, like the one in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, should be able to “ban a mosque,” Cain replied: “Yes, they have the right to do that.”

Cain, who once ran the Godfather’s Pizza chain, insisted his position on the mosque in Murfreesboro, which has faced legal challenges from community leaders, was “not discriminating based upon their particular religion.”

The 65-year-old businessman, who has never held public office and has staked out hard conservative positions in a bid to stand out from a crowded Republican field of candidates, added he was “willing to take a harder look at people who might be terrorists.”

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