Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finland SDP


Never mind the fact that such a unilateral step would lead the region into a full blown war within a few years. This demand rips apart the UN’s own resolution, UNSCR 242, that stipulates a negotiated settlement defining the eventual borders between the two sides. The Arabs reject a Jewish state, but want and expect, that we support another Arab/Muslim one. This goes to show the hostility between the Left and the Jews, and any Jews (or Israel supporting Christians) that identifies themselves with the Social Democrats must have their head examined. KGS

H/T: Kumtitonttu

Social Democratic Youth require the recognition of Palestine

Demari: Nordic-Baltic co-operation Social Democratic youth organization FNSU supports the creation of an independent Palestinian state. The organizations require social democratic parties in their home countries to support the Palestinian recognition. The parties must work together to ensure that the European Union would support the new state’s independence at the beginning of September 2011.

Palestinian leaders will continue to work to encourage world leaders to recognize them as an independent state in the 1967 geographic borders. FNSU requires that the social-democratic parties provide support for the Palestinians. The parties must also work to enable national parliaments to take to support the emergence of independent Palestine.

Statement has been signed, inter alia, Social Democratic Youth Association’s chairman, Timo Kontio and Social Democratic Students Association (SONK), Chair, Sarita Niemi

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