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The evilness of the UN in full view for all to see. They’re all freaking marxists, every last one of those who view the UN as the bastion of good and social justice that is. The worst kind of totalitarians are the ones who really believe that they’re acting in your best interest.  KGS

UN Claims Going Green to Cost $76 Trillion

New survey calls for global governance and possible national energy caps.
Thursday, July 14, 2011
By Dan Gainor

Two years ago, UN researchers were claiming that it would cost “as much as $600 billion a year over the next decade” to go green. A new UN report has more than tripled that number to $1.9 trillion a year for 40 years.

That’s $76 trillion, or more than five times the entire Gross Domestic Product of the United States ($14.66 trillion a year). It’s all part of a “technological overhaul” “on the scale of the first industrial revolution” called for in the annual report. Except the UN will apparently control this next industrial revolution.

The new 251-page report with the benign sounding name of the “World Economic and Social Survey 2011” is rife with goodies calling for “a radically new economic strategy” and “global governance.” Throw in possible national energy use caps and a massive redistribution of wealth and the survey is trying to remake the entire globe. The report has the imprimatur of the UN, with the preface signed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon – all part of the “goal of full decarbonization of the global energy system by 2050.”

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  1. Obama’s election brought about a West that was in the hands of the Leftists. The EU was ruled by an accountable bunch of Leftists. And when Obama came to power, all three branches of the government in the US were of a Marxist bunch.

    This was an opportunity to start the process of world government. And what better excuse then AGW, aka Climate Change, when the crooks got caught. With trillions pouring in, the UN would be in charge of distributing that stash to the rapidly growing demographics in the Third world, particularly Africa. The UN would take its normal cut for administration.

    Far from curing global poverty, all this policy will achieve is the impoverishment of the West, and the encouragement of even greater population increases in the Third world. The net result will be famine, followed by war.

  2. Those dollars that Moon is holding is just paper, as the US is printing money without regard to whether it actually hols any value. Ny the time Obama is finished (QE3), .

  3. Those dollars that Moon is holding are just paper, as the US is printing money without regard to whether it actually has any value. By the time Obama is finished with QE3, those dollars may just about by a coke.

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