The Tundra Tabloids doesn’t usually post a Debka File Report due to the inaccuracy of their reports, (the TT knows far more about Debka than it can divulge) but other reports have been saying basically the same thing, the Obama’s Libyan war is soon to end in a NATO white flag. KGS

The Libyan War ends. Obama makes Moscow peace broker. NATO halts strikes

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Pro-Qaddafi rally in Tripoli

Bar the shouting, the war in Libya virtually ended Thursday morning, July 14, when US President Barack Obama called Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to hand Moscow the lead role in negotiations with Muammar Qaddafi for ending the conflict – provided only that the Libyan ruler steps down in favor of a transitional administration.

The US president thus accepted the Russian-Libyan formula for ending the war over the heads of the NATO chiefs who rejected it when they met Russian leaders at the Black Sea resort of Sochi last week.

DEBKAfile’s sources note that this same proposal first came from the Libyan ruler himself four months ago: On April 4, just ten days after NATO launched its air operation on behalf of the Libyan rebels, Qaddafi sent emissaries to Athens to propose Greek Prime Minister Georges Papandreou as mediator. The heads of NATO, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron, turned him down, certain at the time they were within easy reach of a quick victory to topple him.

By the time Obama had decided to call Medvedev, individual governments which had spearheaded the anti-Qaddafi campaign were quietly melting away.

From Saturday, July 9, DEBKAfile’s military sources report, NATO discontinued its air strikes against Libyan pro-government targets in Tripoli and other places.  The halt though unannounced was nonetheless an admission that 15,000 flight missions and 6,000 bombardments of Qaddafi targets had failed to achieve their object: Col. Qaddafi, without deploying a single fighter jet, firing an anti-air missile or activating terrorist cells in Europe, had waited for NATO to run out of steam and was still in power.

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