What the hell? Why should France or any other western country be funding anything south of the Mediterranean sea? Stop paying the jizya to these Muslim states. KGS

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France to fund Morocco’s solar energy plan

A French minister said Monday that Paris was allocating 103 million euros (146 million dollars) to help finance Morocco’s solar energy plan. Industry and Energy Minister Eric Besson made the announcement on a visit to Rabat where he met his Moroccan counterpart Amina Benkhadra. He said the funds would be disbursed by the French Development Agency for a project he described as “the centerpiece of the Mediterranean solar plan”. Morocco announced in 2009 it was launching a project to produce 2,000 megawatts of solar-generated electricity at a cost of nine billion dollars.

The program is expected to become operational in 2020 when production will cover 42 percent of the country’s electricity needs. Besson said Paris and Rabat would seal a deal by year’s end for the long-term purchase of clean electricity from Morocco. France, Spain and Morocco will also cooperate to boost their electrical interconnection networks, with a summit on the issue planned before the end of the year, the French minister added. Besson was also due to hold talks with Moroccan Foreign Minister Taieb Fassi Fihri and Industry Minister Ahmed Chami.

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  1. Now that peak oil is approaching and the fossile fuels being consumed are getting dirtier, more difficult to get at and are increasingly environmentally destructive, it makes good sense to harvest the billions of megawatts of clean solar energy pouring down on North Africa.

    The world is heading for an energy crisis and Europe can go a long way towards meeting its energy needs by building environmentally friendly solar power generating plants in North Africa and importing the electricity to the European mainland via megavolt DC lines.

    1. Don’t be a complete idiot.

      The real problem in having energy resources in any muslim country is the business risk involved in having any dealing with the local mohammedans.

      From having to employ the local halfwits all the way up to the local gubmint threatening to nationalise the solar/oil fields.

      Grow up.

      1. It is an unfortunate fact that the west needs large amounts of energy and unfortunately most of that energy is in Muslim countries. That is a fact we have to live with.

        Do without the energy or deal with Muzzies. It’s the frying pan or the fire, you’ve got to make the choice.

        1. no, we need to exploit energy resources in our own countries – fracking or coal.

          and we need to present it as a war situation – the people may need to suffer hardships to stop dealing with muzzers.

          people will be up for it.

          all of us need to grow a pair to deal with these losers.

          1. Shale gas and coal are very dirty energy sources and damaging for the environment. Solar energy is clean and environmentally friendly.

            There is enough solar energy in North Africa to supply a large part of Europes energy needs, although it is a problem that it is under the control of Muzzies.

  2. “There is enough solar energy in North Africa”

    until the muzzers try and nationalise all the solar energy fields.

    the only way to deal with them is to cut them out of the loop completely. Fracking might well be dirty but it’s got to be better than being held to ranson for another 40 years by the scum of the earth. What will they want ? increased immigration in return for energy.

    you should be reading the Huffington Post

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