Whining Muslim


Muslims should be willing to help weed out the bad from the good, but they problem is that from their perspective, they’re all Muslims, and Islam is Islam. KGS


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  1. From the article: Muslims are offended if asked if they pray 5 times a day, and that would put them off contacting the police to report a terror attack in the planning.

    Sure. As if they were doing so in the first place. Liars all the time.

  2. Muslims should not blame the airport security authorities. Their anger should be directed at the one million imams worldwide who are inciting hatred to put a sock in it.

    1. I agree, the anger should be focused toward their fellow ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’

  3. Lets not forget Glasgow airport was the scene of a thwarted muslim terroist attack in June of 2007. There is an ever increasing community of hostile Muslims in Glasgown and its surrounds, with over 20 mosques plus now and counting.

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