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Another example of lost sovereignty for EU member states, if you can no longer control your borders, then you can no longer continue to claim that you’re a sovereign state, it’s that simple. Any EU  or local politician that claims otherwise should be publicly humiliated. KGS

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Danish border controls break Schengen law: experts

Denmark’s decision to deploy permanent customs officers at its borders breaks the European Union’s Schengen agreement, two Danish law professors said in an opinion piece published Wednesday. “The Schengen border codex says directly that speed must not be reduced as a result of control facilities,” Carsten Willemoes Joergensen and Karsten Engsig Soerensen of Aarhus University wrote in the Berlingske daily. “When you see the pictures that have been published of the border facilities that are to be established, these clearly contravene Schengen.”

The professors said they had compared the wording of Denmark’s border agreement with that of the Schengen agreement. “We are convinced that if the issue comes to the European court, Denmark will lose. It will not take much of a queue and waiting time at the border before the Commission will react,” they wrote. “Schengen does not differentiate between police and customs officers, it just says that there should not be personal controls at borders.

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  1. So here we are, the truth is being revealed once again the EU countries are mere ‘zones’ or districts with different languages and culture. Their puppet governments still act as if they are in control, however all power, rules, laws, and regulations originate from the absolute power, the ‘Throne in Brussels’ the seat of the dictait’, totally lacking any semblance of a true representative government. To quote a famous radio talk show host “a nation is defined by it’s borders, language, an culture”.

    1. Good comment BF!

      Denmark needs to tell the EU to get stuffed and reclaim its sovereignty.

      The whole thing is just rubbish.

      And just look at the economic indicators and what they are telling us about the Euro – its in free fall – that’s for sure.

      Taken in conjunction with the USA’s fiscal problems, we are looking at precarious times.

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