Double standards in UK law

Freedom for me, but not for thee.

I saw a little clip of a demo the EDL did in the UK last weekend, and couldnt help contrasting the way the British constabulary treat a face mask when it is an out of fashion group Vs. an in fashion one, even when the in-fashion group has a face mask which actually has a declaration of war against the British secular state on it.

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  1. The veiling of Muslim women is also a pre-Islamic element that has crept into Islamic ideology. The first recorded instance of veiling for women is recorded in an Assyrian legal text from the 13th century BCE, which restricted its use to noble women and forbade prostitutes and common women from adopting it. This very viewpoint is akin to Muslim dress codes and Islam’s thoughts on ‘women having to behave in a modest fashion’. Therefore, prostitutes and common women would have been easily discernible from ‘the elite’ at the time. Veiling was quite commonplace within Mesopotamia, regardless of ethnicity or particular cultural background of the nations that consecutively dominated the region.
    Some Western Islam critics formulate a specific criticism of Islamic veiling of women, pointing to the fact that the Quran does not explicitly make veiling of women obligatory, and therefore they claim that Islamists have no religious cause to force this upon Muslim women. Alas, these critics fail to realize that in Mohammed’s day ‘women’s modesty’ would have traditionally been widely understood as women having to veil themselves in accordance with the pagan cultural background of Mohammed’s era before Islam took hold. Therefore, Islamic thoughts on women’s modesty are actually derived from the pagan culture of 7th century Arabia, adopted wholesale into the new ideology ! When the Quran makes references to the modesty of women, this automatically implies that they have the obligation to veil themselves, because the practice stems from a 7th century pagan viewpoint that has carried over into Islamic ideology unchanged !
    Veiling is therefore another pagan (pre-Islamic) component of Islam, and it serves no purpose claiming that it has nothing to do with the Quran. In other words, the Quran does not have to go into greater detail in other to explain what the concept of modesty for women actually entails in practice. Mohammed has eclectically incorporated as much elements of other cultures into his own ideology as he thought necessary to establish ‘a new religion’. The real criticism should concentrate on the very fact that Muslims adhere to redundant, inefficient and dysfunctional rituals and beliefs that are in no way adaptable to the requirements of this modern day and age and the ever evolving complexities of modern societies !

  2. There are a few reasons as to why this seemingly academical issue has particular relevance with regards to dispelling politically correct mythology. The pseudo-intellectual left is usually very eager to hide behind the purported fact that Islam is a relatively new religion, all things considered. When certain Islamic issues tend to surface which are incompatible with modern societies and the way these are governed, the MC left would claim something like ‘You cannot expect Islam to be subject to a form of Enlightenment thinking of its own at this stage. Islam is a relatively new religion in comparison with Christianity (or just about any other) and therefore hasn’t had the necessary time to evolve the same way.’ This would probably be the most obvious (bog) standard line of reasoning by PC/MC elites to counter criticism with. Alas, considering the historic facts, it is quite clear that more than 2700 years of patriarchal society – including the pre-Islamic era – are involved in the way Islam views women up until this very day. When historians would carefully study such issues and report on it within the context of Ancient Mesopotamia, this would not raise any eyebrows ! However, if one were to link Islamic precepts on women to this context in order to prove the point that Islam has actually integrated redundant and dysfunctional views from at least 1300 BCE, then the issue raised would be one that leaves the critic open to allegations of ‘racism’ or ‘defamation of religion’, simply because the issue of veiling would be perceived by PC/MC pseudo-intellectuals as ‘part and parcel of this particular religion’ when in fact, social democrat and green parties would at the same time be quick to condemn such tendencies should they occur in Christianity, for instance. (or even any other religion that is not Islam) If Western societies today would still find some aspects of Ancient views implemented in Western views on women for example, then these PC/MC elites would be the first to rally against it ! With regards to Islam however this can’t possibly be the case today. Something they would not condone from anyone else can be easily glanced over to remain PC, thereby turning emancipation to a farce, alongside every other viewpoint on civilized society they used to believe in. (at least, if there self-reporting as such would amount to anything in practice today, pretentious as it is) Which leaves us finally with the question if Islam can evolve to the point Christianity, Hinduism, Jewish beliefs, Buddhism…etc. have. Particularly considering more than 1400 years of stagnation, influenced by integrating pre-Islamic views on society. Plus, how much of a ‘true religion’ is Islam, in fact, when it has borrowed many concepts from paganism, Judaism and Christianity ? To cut the story short, there is nothing original, genuine or authentic about Islamic doctrine nor the PC/MC lunacy that set out to guard it from any criticism !

  3. Also read (source material) : jkhammack.com/5-9body&cvrpg.pdf (WOMEN IN ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA: THE MOTHERS OF FEMALE SUBORDINATION)

    The link between patriarchal society and the obligatory veiling in Ancient Mesopotamia. Take note of the obvious similarity with Islamic veiling !

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