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Saudi-Sino relations are flourishing

As a controversy rages in Germany about a reported secret deal to sell tanks to Saudi Arabia, another partnership is less known. China and Saudi Arabia have become increasingly close in recent years.

Whether the Americans or the Chinese are the biggest consumers of oil in the world is still a matter for debate. However, what is clear is that China, alongside the US, is one of Saudi Arabia’s best customers.

Saudi Arabia supplies China with a fifth of its energy needs, making Riyadh Beijing’s most important provider of “black gold.”

But it is not all about oil – the Saudis buy food, textiles and industrial goods from China and bilateral trade is already worth over 40 billion dollars a year. There are more imported goods made in China than in the US on the Saudi market now.

More and more Saudi Arabian students are coming to China to study and some oil sheikhs have started flying to China to buy furniture instead of jetsetting to New York, Paris or London.


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  1. Our ‘friends’ the Chinese now have plenty of money that they made off of us through ‘trade’ and ‘loans’ , and now can afford to buy oil from our ‘friends’ the $audis, who got wealthy after a century of the West aiding them in oil production. IMHO China is only looking out for itself and all others be damned.

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