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It’s how they plan to subvert western society as well.

They really do mean what they say, it’s ridiculous to try and read something into their statements when they should be just taken at their word. A pious Muslim is duty bound to try and institute the sharia upon society whenever the chance avails itself, that includes sharia for even those who are not practicing Muslim or Muslims at all. KGS

Article on Muslim Brotherhood Website: Implement Shari’a in Phases

In a June 11, 2011 article on the website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, veteran movement member Sheikh Ahmad Gad argued that the implementation of shari’a in Egypt must be achieved gradually, by preparing the peoples’ hearts and minds for it and introducing it in stages. He proposed learning from the methods of the early Muslim Brotherhood, which worked in a step-by-step fashion, and called on Al-Azhar to focus on promoting the implementation of shari’a.

The following are excerpts from the article:[1]

“There Is No Hope for Reform Without a Return to Divine Rule”

“Following the blessed popular revolution on January 25, 2011, there was a debate between the majority, which hopes and yearns for the implementation of Allah’s shari’a, and the minority, which uses Islam as a tool of intimidation and fears the Islamists and a return to the Middle Ages.

“This minority, which denies the results of the referendum while calling for democracy,[2] is made up of those who oppose a religious state or a caliphate state, and advocate a return to the tyrannical secular regime that corrupted the land and the people – a minority [that receives] prominent media coverage…

“Islamic shari’a ruled for centuries, but became distant and absent for centuries more. The various forms of imperialism were a burden on the [Muslim] nation in various ways, and caused people to change… In that dark period, the state alternately mimicked Eastern and Western regimes. Corruption developed, grew, and accumulated… [Nowadays], there is no hope for reform without a return to divine rule, which the Creator chose for man. This nation will have no chance of success, [except] by that which caused it to succeed in its beginning.

“[However,] we must not impose Islamic shari’a, forcing the people to adopt something about which they are ignorant and with which they are unfamiliar… If we do this, [various] ploys will be used to circumvent it, and there will be hypocrisy. [People] will exhibit Islamic [behavior] only outwardly…

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  1. They have to do it in stages, for if they go for it in one fell swoop, all Muslims will be thrown out in the resulting civil war.

    There is perhaps another reason. Muslim presence in the West is now moving ointo the third generation. The first was quiet as it had to settle in. The second, a little rootless, went back to Islam to get some re- assurance. The third generation is free of these constraints, and is now looking around for a life. It is this future that senior imams are worried about. If this third generation rejects Islam in significant numbers, not only does it spell doom for the Islamic project, but the contamination will spread to Islamic countries as well. A nightmare scenario for Islam.

    Islam is a corrosive acid that attacks the bonds that hold another culture. But so too is secular liberalism. It too dissolves traditional bonds of religion and culture, and reduces society to one of individuals. I think we will win, and what we will see is the fragmentation of Islam, first in the West, and then globally. The increasing hysteria of the likes of Chaudhary and other imams may be a sign.

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