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Special thanks to Fjordman for sending this along to the TT, this adds proof (where none is needed) that underlines the Jews’ claim to the land of Israel. Really, what other people in the world feel the need to prove their continued connection to the land in which they live? Enough is enough already, and to all you Leftists out there who dare say otherwise, screw you. KGS

Ancient Israeli House Surprises Archaeologists

The remains of a house uncovered in the city of Haifa are the best-preserved yet from the Kingdom of Israel, dating back nearly three millennia. The site of the discovery was excavated about 40 years ago, but neglect had left the structure hidden until now. Layers of earth and garbage had piled up atop it, and off-road vehicles had plowed over the area, damaging the artifacts. When archaeologists recently re-exposed the area during a dig, they found the four-room home to be remarkably good shape ? the best-preserved house from the period of the Kingdom of Israel found so far, the researchers said today (July 6). The dig is in an area called Tel Shikmona.

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  1. And with what I know about house prices in Israel there’s probably a queue of Israelis with more than ₪1,000,000 waiting to buy it.

    1. I believe you’re right Brian! Real estate is hard to come by there!

  2. Sure, what else is new?

    We all know that every stone in Israel has ‘Jewish’ written all over it, but that is not the Arab’s argument to delegitimize us.

    They accuse us of being Kazaks, or Kazahrs, Russians, Germans, of being ‘white’ invaders, having no ties to the land whatsoever, and whole bunch of similar stuff. In one of my public discussions a while ago a Syrian (who called himself ‘Palestinian’) shouted ‘you guys don’t even look like Middle Easterners’– which, in the real world, would be discounted as racist.

    But not for the Arabs. From their throat always speaks the lunatic, and criminal aggression.

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