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Leftism is a mental disease, not just for Jews but for Christians and everyone else as well.. What else can explain the cognitive dissonance in the thinking process of these groups who hold so dear to Leftist ideology all the while it works against them? Leftism makes mush of the brain, and the only ones who cling to it are the grossly ignorant, or the ‘true believers’, who will cling to that secular religion every step of the way, no matter how much evidence you provide to the contrary. KGS

That Gallup Poll on Jews and Obama

John Podhoretz 07.05.2011 – 1:31 PM

The talk of the Jewish world today is that Gallup has found no significant change in the president’s popularity among Jews after the controversies of the past few months. Gallup measures his approval at 60 percent, statistically unchanged from the 64 percent previously measured—but significantly changed from the 80 percent he registered a few months into 2009. So an argument is raging about what this means—an argument that largely misses the point about the nature of the difficulty between Obama and the Jewish community.

For those Jews whose support for the president was going to be affected by his behavior toward Israel, the damage was pretty much done last year. In one sense, then, what the president’s behavior this year has done is to make it unlikely his popularity among Jews will rise again to the levels it once enjoyed. So by continuing to behave in a manner many of us perceive as hostile, he has solidified some opposition among those who were enthusiastic about him in 2008. I know this at one level anecdotally, as many liberal Jews of my acquaintance—and there are many—have expressed personal disappointment to me. but it also jibes with the many stories one reads about the kinds of concerns being expressed in the Jewish community as a whole.

This doesn’t mean Jews won’t vote for him again, and in landslide numbers, in 2012—especially if the Republicans put up someone Jews decide to despise. But which Jews vote or don’t vote for Obama doesn’t matter all that much except when it comes to conversations around the seder table.

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  1. I don’t understand the American Jews. Just look at Canada. A lot of Jews voted for Harper at the last elections, they seem to have changed their minds. I think American Jews have replaced the Torah with Obama’s books. I hope they will throw those Obama’s books away and purchase themselves some good conservative books.

  2. I wonder if Gallup did a good job of polling. It seems to me that Jews that I know (who originally supported O’Bama) have become at least somewhat dis-satisfied with the President’s performance. Then there are Jews who will just go along with anything the Democratic Party throws at them. They just won’t say NO, pick up their ball and play elsewhere.

    I did! I did it at a relatively young age. I was unhappy over GOP comments about opposition to the AWACS sale in 1983. They literally told me: “Reagan or Begin?” as if I was somehow disloyal for opposing the sale. Well… I picked up my ball and played elsewhere. I voted for Walter Mondale in 1984. It was years before my family even believed that I did that because of my conservative reputation.

    The Jewish Democrats (capital D) need to send a message that they can’t be taken for granted. Whether there’s a shift in the President’s approval rating or not, the message has not been sent.


      I think that it was more of a clash of personalities than anything else. I would choose Reagan over Begin any day of the week, and when looking in retrospect over the sale of five AWACS in comparison to the recent mammoth US sale of weapons to the Saudis, with Israel only saying that it’s disappointed, we should be longing for the Reagan days here and now.

      1. In retrospect, the AWACS sale had to be made. However, that did not prevent Israel-haters in the GOP (Sen. John Towar, Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond) from kicking up a serious storm of Jew-hatred.

        FYI, Helms ultimately “got religion” after nearly losing in 1986. He visited his friend Pat Robertson and ultimately became one of Israel’s champions. But back in 1983, he was one of the most anti-Semitic men int he U.S. Congress. He made Ron Paul look good.

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