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Dishing up some more tasty halal tidbits at the Valley Park Middle School Mosqueteria.

Regarding the excellent work over at Blazing Cat Fur: An Important Addition to the Mosqueteria Story, commenter Richard writes “ If the past decade were written in a novel no one would buy it since it’s too unbelievable”.

He’s right. But as I have discovered, this latest chapter in the Islamist best selling novel Establishing Primacy in Dar Al Harb must be bought as required reading, unbelievable as it is.

Today the Toronto Sun has published another article on the Valley Park Middle School make-shift mosque on Friday’s story. Muslim leader Alimamy Bangura, executive director of the Muslim Education Network insists that public schools have an obligation to ensure students can practice their faith. The schools may be secular he says, but the children who go to these schools are not. He continues ” the Valley Park Middle School’s weekly prayer sessions for Islamic students falls within Toronto District School Board guidelines” and refers to these guidelines which specify the need to “take responsible steps to provide accommodation to individual members of a religious group”.

For the rest of this article by Grace at Vlad Tepes please click here.

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