Canada Fighting Back


It’s about time they got hit back with the very same measures they dish out on a regular basis, pro-Israel voices have been way too kind in dealing with these lying bastards. Here is the disrupter:

NOTE: What about free speech FOR the Islamonazis? Sure, let em shout above the noise. KGS

Special thanks to both Vlad and Blazing Cat Fur for the vid.

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  1. Cheap copy of this much more effective action by Young Jewish and Proud:

    Glad you guys are taking lessons from intelligent young people though!

    DOn’t worry Meir, everyone knows your ugly Kach loving mug. It was a conscious decision to allow you to remain in the room until you disrupted the event.

    FOr anyone new to the JDL they are a Jewish extremist group affiliated with an outlawed political party in ISrael and on an FBI terrorist watch list. These guys are copy-cats. They are a joke.

  2. JDL Terrorism:

    December 11, 2001

    Planned Bombing
    Los Angeles, California
    (Prevention of one act of Domestic Terrorism)

    On December 11, 2001, Irving David Rubin and Earl Leslie Krugel were arrested by the Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force for conspiring to build and place improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, California, and the local office of Congressman Darrell Issa. Rubin and Krugel were subsequently charged with conspiracy to destroy a building by means of an explosive, as well as possession of a destructive device during and in relation to a crime of violence. Rubin and Krugel were active members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), a violent extremist Jewish organization. Statements by Rubin and Krugel indicated that they had planned the attack against the mosque to demonstrate the militancy of the JDL. Krugel further indicated that the attack was planned to provide a “wake up call” to the Muslim community. It was determined that Rubin and Krugel had already acquired the necessary components to build an IED, including pipes, fuses, and smokeless powder.

  3. To the hater above, you are a liar, this is Toronto, Canada 2011/5771, not LA 2001. JDL Canada was not affiliated with the former JDL LA. Should we compare blacks in South Africa to Palestinians, I don’t think so, most Arab hate blacks, from my experiences and others I have interviewed in the region. Yesterday was beautiful, the animals became aroused, they screamed democracy and profanities, they are indeed animals and miscreants, Israel can no longer sit to negotiate with animals, Canada must start deportation soon.

    Omar is the biggest liar, and Israel allows this clown to study and reside in Tel Aviv, there’s the democracy we speak of, Israel is the only true democracy in that whole part of the world. As far as a wake up call, Israel has a ace in the hole in every country where the filth of Islam resides, so you need not be concerned with us you can see, it’s the us you can’t see.

    Eventually you all will be found out, and you naive white Caucasian Gentiles, you should be ashamed, your parents should have taught you better, you should be helping the cause of the Canadian natives and blacks, at least in the end, they want stab you in the back. I bet many of you enjoy Jamaica and blacks Carribean resorts, why don’t you go to the Arab states for vacation, or go and shake hands with Hamas.

    How dare you stand in solidarity with these animals, who can careless for morality or organization, they beat women, sleep with under age girls, and will hold no reservation to decapitate you if they could on Canadian soil.


    1. @Jewish Anti-Zionist – by declaring yourself a “Jewish” Anti-Zionist, is that supposed to make your opinion more valid? Do you think that your left wing views would save you from another Hitler? Don’t think so. And where would you go? Probably Israel. So, stop being a hypocrite, and just call yourself ‘anti-Zionist’ – and using your Jewishness (if you even are) to try and make a point. And btw, classy of you to threaten Daniel. Typical of your ilk. Can’t argue points, so attack personally.

      1. @Ileen I declare myself a Jewish anti-Zionist because the mainstream media and many Jewish groups like to pretend we don’t exist. THere are lots of us. Growing numbers (growing faster than the fascist JDL). I just like reminding you of that. By the way, I’m Jewish born raised and proud. Choke on it.

        Also, let me clarify. Going to his employer is an empty threat at Daniel. I have no plans of going to his employer. I’m just curious if people like him realize how nuts their views are, or if he thinks the things he is saying would be accepted outside of your little incestuous circle of fascist thought (that’s not name calling just an accurate description of the way most people view you).

        Re another Hitler: Israel with it’s increasingly fascist government, nuclear arsenal, and insane military is a much more dangerous and all around undesirable place to live for Jews (and everyone else) than Canada. Why do you think so many ISraelis are getting out?

        1. Hey JA-Z, you’re bonkers. Pure and simple. You haven’t a clue as to what fascism is, you just sling it out there as a means to paint the opposition as …. something not to like. You Lefties are all alike, why don’t you just embrace your fascism which belongs on your side of the track anyways, your side exhibits the same qualities.

          1. Facism:

            [mass noun]

            an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
            (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices.
            The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922–43); the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also Fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader , and a strong demagogic approach

          2. fasism is a left wing ideology. Bolshevism and Fascism are both Marxist heresies, but belong to that side of the Leftist track, parroting ignoramuses will do you no good.

          3. Also some great quotes you should READ from Omar’s book 😉

            “The idea of Judenrein (Jew free zone) or Arabrein is not new …. Some might say “how can you compare us to Nazis?” I’m not talking about the death camps, but about the year 1935. THere were no camps yet, but there ere racist laws. And e are heading forward toward these kinds of laws. The government is clearly declaring our incapacity for democracy.” – ISraeli academic Gavriel Solomon

            “THe struggle today is not between left and right but between democrats and fascists…Israel is becoming fascist and racist. In a sense you could say, we are not so much like the madness that was in GErmany in 1933 but rather in 1944-45, when they were in danger of losing the ar that madness prevent them from stopping. ” – Israeli writer Sefi Rachevsky

            “Israel’s very existence is threatened by facism. It can lead our state to destruction” – Israeli journalist Uri Avnery

            “stand against the wave of fascism that [has] engulfed the Zionist project” – former chief editor of Haaretz David Landau calling for the boycott of the ISraeli knesset

          4. So KGS…Define it? I’ve given you an accepted definition (what’s more accepted than an Oxford dictionary definition?????)….If you disagree, than give me the definition you’re working with? What is fascism? Or are you just able to provide labels without meaning. Marxist fascist, blah, blah, blah, you’re not saying anything!….Interesting that you don’t disagree that under the definition I provided that JDL and ISrael are fascist.

          5. Jonah Goldberg from Liberal Fascism: “an instinctual religious impulse – usually gussied-up as a secular or modern ideology – that seeks to impose uniformity in thought and action throughout the entire society. All oars in a fascistic society must pull together. The personal is political because everything goes together. Political correctness is one name we give to such efforts in civil society.”

            That is the essence of collectivism Jaz, or ‘statism’ as I like to call it. It’s not anything even closely related to conservatism in the liberal capitalist sense of the word, especially as the Founding Fathers of the United States of America would have understood it. The US Constitution is a conservative document, something of which has been under assault by the progressives/liberals/socialists ever since the beginning of the 1900’s. Read Goldberg’s book, then get back to me.

          6. Hitlers’ Germany didn’t become fascist because of some collective impulse. You’d have to completely ignore the racist ideology enforced by the dictatorship through the secret police and the all encompassing military ……..

            Your definition of fascism has no historical examples.

            Political correctness is bullshit, it’s an attempt at censorship. I hate it. But what’s a better example of PC run amok than those trying to redefine anti-Semitism as criticism of Israel in order to censor Israel’s critiques? Not that that’s why I think the JDL’s fascist. THe JDL’s fascist because of their race based views, their obedience to their demagogues (Kahane, Lieberman, Weinstein), and their insistence on using the state to enforce their beliefs.

          7. You are conflating two issues as being one in the same. We are talking about fascism, not exclusively about anti-semitism. Mussolini’s government did not have the same agenda as Hitler’s National Socialists where the Jews were concerned, it was only after Hitler took over Italy that Jews were being carted off to death camps.

            Also, your statement of “Hitlers’ Germany didn’t become fascist because of some collective impulse.” is an oxymoron, do you really think that a national socialist would protect individualism and property rights? Collectivism is the lynchpin of fascism as it is for all other statist ideologies. Corporatists can be collectivists as well, being married to the state does not make them true capitalists any more than does in a communist China.

            Face the facts, Fascism is a Leftist ideology, having clear connections to marxism, where they differ is in how socialism is distributed, nationally vs. internationally.

          8. KGS, you’re getting bogged down in ideology. Yeah, sure I agree Fascism means the state plays a strong role in enforcing beliefs on society (the ISraeli loyalty oath, and imprisonment of activists are both good examples)……Also, it’s hard to ignore the role of race in Fascist societies. Hitler’s Germany stamped that into history but supremacy of one identity and oppression of minorities by the state has been a common element if you look close enough at Germany, Italy, Russia, China, or other historical examples.

            Sure Stalin’s Soviet Union was very close to fascist GErmany.

            Left and right are just labels. Many on both the left and right would like the state to enforce their views, which is dangerous no matter what political ideology it comes from.

            Activists who believe in fighting against the oppression of Palestinians come from across the political spectrum. Some are for example individualist anarchists whose views are in many ways very similar to libertarians. They would detest any connection to the state.

            You’re avoiding my point regarding the ‘New anti-Semitism.’ What do you think about the those organizations asking the state to crack down and ban criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic? The CPCCA is a recent example:

          9. First of all, Barghouti’s call for a single state, which means the dissolving of the Jewish state is anti-semitic. Second of all, fascism is an ideology, so it has to be explained in those terms, nothing else will do. Third of all, Left and Right are indeed labels as you say, but they have to be properly spelled out. I prefer to call the totalitarian – collectivist mindset as STATISTS, which fascism, communism and National Socialism fall under. Classical liberalism based upon the rights of the individual and the protection of property rights is an antithesis to the statist mindset, all three of these totalitarian ideologies loathe it. It msakes them all by default as belonging to the Left wing, there is no way around that fundamental truth.

          10. REally KGS? The fact that Omar believes in one person one vote is the reason you think he’s anti-Semitic?

            What about all the Orthodox Jews that refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state because the Meshiach hasn’t arrived. Are they anti-Semitic too?

            You still haven’t told me what you think about those trying to get the state to censor criticism of ISrael that they feel is not politically correct? Isn’t the whole push to have the state recognie and censor the so called ‘new anti-Semitism’ against u’r ideology?

          11. Rejecting the Jews’ right to self determination is an act of anti-semitism. Those Orthodox Jews (a tiny minority) who reject the present state do so not because Israel is a Jewish state, but because it hasn’t been brought into being by the Messiah. A big difference, but yes it’s an act of anti-Semitism nonetheless and very suicidal. The Arabs who reject the Jewish state do so out of pure anti-Semitism, they hate the Jews. How do I know? For the koran tells them so. It’s as simple as that.

            It’s a myth that the Jewish state and its defenders are censoring those who offer any criticism of Israel. Rational and reasonable criticism is to be protected, but deranged, totally detached from reality, anti-Israel bashing, which seeks to both demonize and delegitimize the state of Israel, (while turning a blind eye to the open abuses of Arabs living in the disputed territories by the Arab regime in Ramallah and in Gaza city), is anti-Semitic as well as being bigoted towards the Arabs themselves.

      2. Calling for one person one vote is not anti-Semitic. For all you know Barghouti is completely secular.

        “but deranged, totally detached from reality, anti-Israel bashing”

        Who’s to judge KGS? You? So the state should step in and censor it ehh? Your true colours are showing……..

        1. Calling for the dissolving of the state of Israel is an act of anti-semitism, whether you say so or not. Arabs already have the vote in Israel. It’s only in the disputed territories where one group is forbidden to live, Jews. Start there first if you feel the need to be on a mission.

          1. KGS, u’r avoiding my pointed question. Methinks your committment to classical liberalism isn’t as you say it is.

            Also, something isn’t anti-Semitism just because you say it is! Anyways, no one’s calling for the dissolution of Israel, just choosing democracy over apartheid. Nothin anti-Semitic about that!

          2. What are you jibberishing about? I’ve answered all question, straight on. You appear to be clueless about classical liberalism, statism is your gig. Using the apartheid smear shows your true agenda, lie, dissemble, demonize and delegitimize Israel, the only Jewish state in existence. That makes you a drone, meaning that you’re unreachable, and therefore someone not worth the time to debate since you’re not interested in debating on rational, logical principles.

            You couldn’t care less that Israel is a free democratic multi-ethnic society where gays are safe, abused women find shelter and Arabs live and work alongside Jews. That Arabs sit on the supreme court, and in all official governmental organizations, businesses, even fielding an Arab ambassador to Finland some years ago, as well as having representation in the Knesset, yet you choose to use the highly demonizing apartheid slur. Anyone reading this exchange will figure you out for what you are. An idiot.

      3. Israel has separate laws for Jews and non-Jews with citizenship. There are areas where only Jews can live, state funded institutions for Jews only, and consistent discrimination against non-Jewish citizens. This is why Israel does not allow any citizen to have Israeli nationality, but separates Jewish citizens differently from other citizens on their IDs and in every interaction with the state.

        These citizens of Israel are the Palestinians that are actually better off. Furthermore Israel has also ruled over 3 million plus non-citizens in The West Bank and Gaza for 44 years. These 3 million people have had to endure a brutal military occupation while Israel attempts to steal their land. The people of the Westbank and Gaza are consistently harassed, humiliated, imprisoned, injured and killed by Israeli soldiers.

        Both institutionalized systems are part of Israeli apartheid.

        KGS, please stick to your party line and avoid my questions. You’ve shown how little integrity you have. I’m happy to let readers decide!

        1. now you have devolved into spreading gross lies. All laws apply equally to Jew and non-jew alike. Either put up or shut up.

          1. Sure. Simple example. THe loyalty oath only applies only to non-Jews. (many orthodox Jews would refuse to take it)

            There are quite a few laws for only Jews and non-Jews. Why else KGS would Israel refuse to recognize Israeli as a nationality on ID cards?

          2. A loyalty oath for people who have historically called for the destruction of the Jewish state and the people therein, is a prudent idea. Orthodox Jews, while some might not be advocates for the Jewish state, do not call for the death of their fellow Jews. There is one set of laws for all of the people within Israel. Also, a people living in their own nation have a right to define themselves and their nation as they see fit, so stop telling fellow Jews in Israel how to define themselves. Jews, historically, have always had their roles laid out for them by the majority society in which they lived, how dare anyone choose to continue that anti-Semitic practice. Screw that.

          3. You asked for an example of a law that is different for Jews and non-Jews. I gave you one. Just because you happen to agree with institutionalized discrimination doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

            Here’s another example. In Israel the state has said it is legal for developers to create Jewish only housing. In fact such a complex is currently being developed in Jaffa where there is a historic and current Palestinian majority, and a housing shortage (Palestinian ISrael’s are often denied permits to constuct new houses).

          4. As I suspected, you haven’t a leg to stand on…so you keep repeating the same lie. Nice try.

          5. Governments assist in ‘positive’ discrimination all the time, it’s called affirmative action, something no doubt, you would be in agreement with, as well as identity politics which are the hallmark of the Left. That said, I think that your focus is misplaced, you’re going to have to ask yourself why one apt.bldg is such a high value target for yourself while the entirety of the Disputed territories is demanded by the Arabs to be entirely ‘Jew free’.

            Me thinks that though doth protest too much (while turning a blind eye to real discrimination).

          6. That apartment building is just one example. 93% of Israeli land is controlled by the JNF and reserved for Jewish only uses. THere are many other examples of Jewish only housing.

            Many Palestinians would be happy to allow Jews to remain in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. But only as equal citizens under a one person one vote democratic governement for all. Of course you’ve already stated that you think this is ‘anti-Semitic’.

          7. That’s a grotesque lie J-AZ, proportionally, more Arabs own land in Israel than Jews.

            Palestine facts:

            “Of the total land in Israel in 1997, the Israel Government Press Office statistics say 79.5% is owned by the government, 14% is privately owned by the JNF, and the rest, around 6.5%, is evenly divided between private Arab and Jewish owners. Thus, the ILA administers 93.5% of the land in Israel.” Also: “The statement that “Arabs cannot buy land in Israel” is largely true, but meaningless since Jews cannot buy land either, “

            What you just wrote is a gross fabrication, but do please keep shelling them out, it gives me a great opportunity to show just how much the Left loves to lie in order to promote their agenda. Also, your statement that Jews would be allowed to live in the disputed territories is another gross fabrication, all polls of Arab opinion routinely dismiss the notion. Also, even if they were allowed to live under Araqb rule, it would be as a dhimmi, in other words, a third class citizen whose ‘rights’, allowed under sharia, would be arbitrary at best.

            You simply do not know what you’re talking about.

          8. The ILA is contolled by the JNF along with government apointees. The ILA also administers the JNF land. It is essentially the role of the JNF in the state.

            The ILA in exchange agrees to adhere to JNF’s principles, and to use JNF land for Jews only.

            This also means playing little games like swapping strategic plots of land between JNF and ILA when an effort is being made to Judaize a region.

            More info on the JNF:

            ** I haven’t even gone into how much of this land was acquired through ethnic cleansing and confiscation**

          9. you’re showing ignorance once again. The records clearly show Arabs and Jews privately owning about the same amount of land, even though Jews outnumber Arabs 5 to 1. As for ethnic cleansing and confiscation, why not at least admit that Arabs can take their gripes and complaints directly to the supreme court of the land, which has ruled countless of times in their favor, even demanding the military to end certain practices and moving fences deemed to intrude on private Arab land etc. ? I know why you don’t, it smashes that careful lying you’ve been practicing.

          10. I’m not talking about private ownership. I’m talking about the vast majority (93%) of the land controlled by the JNF with partnership from the state that is reserved for Jewish use.

            If you had read the article about the apartment bloc you would see that the supreme court was complicit in the institutionalized racism. As they often are.

            There’s a reason ISrael doesn’t have a constitution but a series of ‘Basic Laws.’ It makes it much easier for the supreme court to uphold apartheid.

          11. You’re fixated on the fact that Jews run the JNF, but careful enough not to discuss the fact that proportionally, more Arabs own private land than Jews.

        2. No. I’m arguing that it’s wrong for a quasi-state institution to administer 93% of the state’s land for the benefit of only some of the state’s citizens. That’s systemic racism, and a big part of how Israeli apartheid works within the green line.

          1. Jas

            You are twisting many things and many you are very correct on.

            In the first place any claim of being an apartheid state is simply incorrect. Barghouti himself is allowed to study in Israel. There are Arab members of the Kinesset. Some who even performed acts of treason by participating in the Flotila’s and openly call for Israels destruction. In other countries they would be thrown out of the government and most likely arrested and serve time in jail.

            There are many Arabs who fully participate in life in Israel, not the least of which are those numerous doctors in hospitals throughout Israel, treating all of Israeli society, Jew and Arab alike.

            You talk of Israel as being against Israeli Arabs, but those Arabs themselves when asked overwhelmingly would stay in Israel if given the chance.

            The PA have already openly stated that their state would be free of Jews as they would not be allowed. If we are to follow their example, and that of numerous other Arab countries that kicked out their Jews, then we should annex Gaza, the West Bank and kick out all f the Arabs.

            You speak of the ILA as being one sided in their land dealings, what about the WAQF. they openly state that they will ever give land to Jews.

            The PA themselves have an active and acted upon law that states that any Arab caught selling land o a Jew will be put o death.

            Syria kills anyone trying to speak their minds, gays and lesbians are murdered for their beliefs, women are withheld schooling and sometimes basic medical care. Hungry children who steal food to survive have their hands cut off.

            If these few examples of a utopian Islamic way of life are what you seek, then please, step foot inside the border of Ramallah and declare yourself a Jew who wants to live their, and you will do everyone a favor.

            As for me, I prefer o live in a state, although not perfect, but show me one who is, because I remember that the shoah reminded Jews quite clearly that they need a home of their own. That no one wants the Jews. And look what we have done with that state in an incredibly short period of time. No oil, and look what has been achieved.

            You can try to cover up the truth but there it is. Jews need Israel. We care for the land. I was desert before we arrived and now it is a blossoming flower. More needs to be done and there are growing pains, but please point out any country who did not make mistakes growing up.

  4. I am proud to see Jews standing up for Israel and other Jews.
    It is against Torah to hate other Jews and Israel.
    These Arabs are attempting to pollute our Universities and Civil Rights Agencies.
    To support the division of Yerushalayim,and to help people who want to destroy Israel and kill all Jews is a shanda!

  5. Although I can understand the emotional response behind it, I don’t think this is the way forward. It can never be right to model our behaviour on the behaviour of our enemies. Anti-Israel activists are notorious for their barbarism, for their inability to take part in serious debate, for their cynicism, their hypocrisy, and their willingness to lie. If we become barbarians as well, we have lost the debate. It would be more effective to join forces and take Barghouti to court, to provide evidence that what he says is false and that he engages in hate speech. Similarly, we should legal pressure on universities and colleges where he intends to speak and argue that he is an anti-Semitic liar. But screaming down the opposition only brands us as disruptive activists not a whit better than those whose voices we seek to drown.

  6. I agree with Denis MacEoin. We should pursue Omar Barghouti legally and correctly, for after watching his answers on interviews about boycotts of Israel, there is no doubt that he is anti-Semitic. Do not stoop to his base level, but do not be misled by him. He is full of hate, and clothes his racism with a soft tone of voice.

    1. Donna, yes please do! Try and prove Omar Barghouti has broken some law! It would force you to actually listen to his arguments and try to combat them. GOod luck!

  7. Jewish anti-Zionist. That pretty much says it all.

  8. What has Omar Barghouti said that’s anti-Semitic? (give me an actual example)

    1. I love how no one is able to answer this………..The comment was posted 2 days ago!

      1. What do you mean ‘no one is able to answer this’, Leftists have managed to twist the narrative on their bed fellows the fascists. Jonah Goldberg’s book is well documented, Mussolini and Hitler were marxist heretics, their loathing of capitalism and championing of socialism as a third way is all one needs to know to place them as Leftards.

        1. KGS. It was a very simple question. Several commenters stated that Barghouti was anti-Semitic. Confused asked what he said that was anti-Semitic. I’m simply restating the question. What did Barghouti say that was anti-Semitic?

  9. What was said to those in attendance that day,
    was that Israeli foreign policy has been hard pressed towards the refugees, and that by boycotting Isarel, would somehow make a difference for Iran’s policies. Omar, who studies in the boundaires of the democratic State of Israel to speak against Israel, is an example of the animalistic behaviour and tendncies of these wild ones of Edom.

    What will the Arabs in Israel say to the boycott plan, many Arab vendors who are in the food exchange trade would be upset with the notion. The fact, westerners who have not frequented the region have no clue to the gist of this matter. It’s like giving the criminal element of Jane and Finch a government, and a voice, a voice to legislate criminal activities, and not care about the law abiding citizens around, gangstar mentality.

    Omar is an idiot, and a hyprocrite, and like many Arabs in Western countries, you have no solidarity nor respect for the sovereign on which you stand, so what are you? you are an enemy within the state. All enemies of the democractic process of civil democracy should be banished from within the borders of democracies. The actions of the JDL protest was basically feeding them with there own medicine, at least Jews of Canada have no problem with holding the flag of Canada.

    Her Majesty, it’s time to mandate the British fleets if you need, to start deporatationof the barbaric subjects from your realm, Diane ws an example of the threat to the throne is so near and present, don’t throw away the centuries of labor of the monarchy to these medieval animals that everyday spread hate on campuses, spred hate in parliament, spread hate in the cities, and spread disrespect for freedom.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson

  10. To the Jewish Anti-Zionist, check your blood-line, for any Jew to be an Anti-Zionist, is like an actor who forgot to switcj back to his descent. Jewish Anti-Zionist are Nazi with stolen Jewish identities for WWII. So now with this knowledge, you can change your names back to the derogatory German, hope you feel better now, now thatb we cleared up that bit of history.

    Shalom, Shalom

    1. DAniel. I don’t understand a word you’re writing. You come across like you need help. Are you ok?

  11. Daniel Moshe Johnson

    To the Jewish anti-Zionist, you are a disgrace to your family, if they were survivors, worst disgrace, you need an awakening.

    But that’s expected, you are an idiot hever! For any Jew that is uncertain of the purpose of a modern Day Israel is an idiot and possibly German, if you don’t feel aligned to the Jews in Israel, and you aren’t moved by the stories of Israel and Zion, then you are not Jew. Sandra has it right, no longer should Jewish students be harassed in school, Your opinion further leads me to believe, that you would have been part of the silent white majority that stood with the KKK and white supremist, when blacks use to be lynched in the south, it was the same passive attitude that allowed it to continue. Wake up, Jews are the target of things that should not exist in a democracy, much less the world.

    1. In full agreement Daniel, thank you for those salient points.

      1. Daniel I’m still worried about you. You seem as though you need help.

        1. Thank you KGS, for the infinite love of Hashem is the only
          reality, Israel will continue to battle evil in it’s full totality.


          ADONAI AHAD

          1. Shmah Yisrael, might be the more important part right now because if Israel doesn’t listen up they’re going to continue down the path to international pariah……..

          2. turning ISrael into an international pariah is your goal, because your leftist ideology demands it.

          3. Apartheid states should be international pariahs.

          4. If apartheid states need to be international pariahs, then start with the arab states that refuse Jews entrance and the right to buy land, let alone practicing religious and female apartheid and mutilation while enforcing every other restrictive, anti-human legislation on the books.

          5. I completely agree with supporting the uprisings in the Arab dictatorships.

          6. If you do support the uprisings, then you should be willing to live alongside what crops up in its place, tyranny of the Islamic kind.

          7. You don’t support the uprisings? What do you support the dictatorships?

          8. Just think of robspierre and the French revolution and the tyranny they unleashed. This will end even worse because islam is in the mix.

  12. To the J-anti Zionist,

    Noticed I have removed Jewish from your title, as of this day you have forfeited it. I never want to see you use it again online, as for public, you are probably a coward anyway. For Anti-Zionist should join the Palestine house, tell us about your warm welcome. Learn some respect for Zion and the law before you find yourself in the utter darkness of the abyss, for in Sheol, all knowledge, deed, time and opportunity ends.

    For even the Christian bible speaks of Israel’s future, for Hashem will indeed send a celestial army from the upper realms of the planetary universal authority, but ground work must stay strong in the mean time.

    For Hashem spoke all created things into existence, so there is power in words, everyday I do Shema, I channel that power a well, so be careful with me, be careful with what you say against Zion, which represents the stone of law, that shall not be removed from the earth until the law steps in himself, Moshiach Rabbeinu (Raya Mehemna) Selah!

    1. Shmah Yisrael Hashem Elokenooo Hashemm Echad….

      I’m Ooooo So Jewish Daniel. As per my previous comment. Choke on it.

  13. To the Jewish Anti-Zionist, I just noticed your last blog, we are in the compound of a peace zone, but if you want to use childish, vain immature language, then take up your anger with the wild ones of Edom, for your word equations indicates somewhere along the line, your mother fucked an Arab! All good though, there is still hope for you, ask the Pope for forgiveness.

    As mentioned before, your ass will run too Israel at the first brink of big trouble, or like many other cowards, you may deny any Jewish heritage you may or may not be connected too, for somewhere it it written, ” woe unto them that say they are Jews, and or not, but are a synagogue for Satan”, this is definitely you, any Jew that titles himself an anti-Zionist is under an hypnotic trans of the prince of persia……

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