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Boo freakin hoo for the terrorist loving Swedes…. And to think that the American losers chose to call their ship, “The Audacity of Hope”, after Obama’s loser of a book. KGS

Swedish Ship to Gaza express ‘grief and dismay’ at Greek authorities

The Swedish-based Ship to Gaza rights group on Monday expressed “grief and dismay” at Greece’s decision to block the humanitarian flotilla from sailing to the Palestinian territory. In an open letter to Greek Prime Minister Giorgios Papandreaou, the group said it was “with grief and dismay that we passengers and grass roots in the Swedish people’s movement Ship to Gaza received the decision of your government to block our ships from leaving Greek ports to go to Gaza.”

“We are aware of the pressure that your country has been under in recent days, and feel sadness for the Greek people and the difficulties that you are enduring at this particular moment,” the statement said, noting the country’s efforts to avoid defaulting on its loans. “Our mission is completely peaceful,” the group added. The group pointed to the fact that they could address Papandreaou in Swedish, as he himself had been forced to seek refuge in the country in the 1960’s, after a military regime was established in Greece.

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UPDATE: Missing Peace informs the TT that a Belgian senator lied to Greek officials and posed as the captain of the vessel the Greek Coastguard were commandeering.

Joods Actueel: Yesterday afternoon, the Canadian boat Tahir is the only ship of the fleet but the Greek port of Gaza set sail on board with the four. Belgian flotillavaarders. Throughtwitterbericthen soon became known that a few minutes after leaving the Greek coast guard ship forced to turn back to port.When asked about the armed Marines Coast Guard captain of the ship said the passengers: “We all”. But that answer did not settle the Greek Coast Guard. Then, the Belgian ex-Senator Joseph Dubie has spent as captain of the ship. Apparently this wasagreed upon in advance “because the real captain of ignoring the ban are licensedfuneral would get rid of” that reports the news agency AFP after a meeting with DavidHeap. The Belga news agency reported that Dubie has a license would have expiredshipping.

3 Responses

  1. None of the actions of these activists passes any kind of moral or legal litmus test:

    1) It’s a kill-the-Jews flotilla, nothing less, and clouding the issue in sentimental slogans cannot change the truth of their intent.

    2) There is no moral sense in their sloganist arguments since you will NEVER hear them discuss the genocidal belligerence of the Hamas they so romanticize.

    3) They are clearly on the wrong side of the law, not misdemeanors but criminal acts, despite their false proclamations of the legality of their actions and their desire for mob rule.

    4) They have made the concept of “humaitarian aid” and even “human rights” to be a farce. Their refusal of the generous Greek offer to deliver any goods has been refused, exposing their provocative intent to the clear light of day. Let’s not be confused with any other intent than to deny Israel the right to defend its citizens.

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