A Tundra Tabloids’ source says that this is probably a drug or prostitution related crime. KGS

A foreign born man was beaten severely in Kallio in Helsinki tonight.

MTV3: The man sat on a terrace in the streets of Helsinki, where two or three men of Asian background had arrived and begun abuse the African customer with a metal pipe. An other weapon also used was a tire iron which different parts of the victim’s body.

The event was witnessed by a taxi driver, who left to follow the perpetrators. Nearby on Kustan street the perpetrators ere waiting for a car with Swedish plates, in which they left the scene.

A female taxi driver followed the group, and the police stopped the car in Viikki.

The car had four men and one woman who were apprehended on suspicion of aggravated assault. The victim was taken to a hospital in Töölö. There is no information of his injuries for the time being. Helsinki police violent crimes unit is investigating the case.

Police would like to pay special tribute to the resourceful taxi driver for the good work in connection with the event.


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  1. Please do not use the term “Asian” to describe Muslims from South Asia. The vast majority of South Asians are Hindus, Buddhists and Christians and are peaceful people. The Muslims wherever they are from are account for 98% of all rapes, murders, violence and another other of mayhem you care to name. Please do not use that word Asian as a cover for Muslims. Call a spade a spade.
    Thank You.

    1. The title posted by KGS says ‘Asian’. You do understand that you two are on the same page on this one, right?

  2. KGS, have you seen this?

    I knew it was bad, I didn’t know that is was THAT bad.

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