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“There are many Jews around the world who say they love Israel, but do not understand its policies.

They say there is a disconnection between them and the state,” Many supporters of Israel do not accept Netanyahu’s policies.”

Perhaps it’s because they’re airheads like Tzipi ‘dippy’ Livni, who believes in giving into the demands of a people who have remained over the years consistently supportive of the destruction of the Jewish state.

Besides, who cares that some people (actually a truly marginal number) in Europe talk of a single state solution that will never happen, Israel is already a sovereign state. The facts show that the world has an insatiable appetite for anything Israeli, and that they are loathe to cut off the flow. Sometimes it’s wise to weigh the realities against the fears.

Let the anti-Israel loons talk all they want, for the majority of world’s population want the products that Israel produces, because they benefit the entire world. They see what the Arabs are capable of, and it just doesn’t excite in the same way.

Time to face the facts, the only ones who can destroy Israel are the leaders (read= Livni) in government and the people who place them into power. 

NOTE: The present Likud government is the only thing standing between a continued Jewish existence in the land of their forefathers, and the beginning of the end. It’s that stark of a situation if the wrong policy makers are in office, like Labour or Kadima.

Livni: Europeans starting to talk about 1-state solution

07/04/2011 10:07

Opposition leader tells Army Radio many Jews around the world “love Israel” but “do not accept Netanyahu’s policies.”

Israel’s standing in the world is not so positive now because Europeans are starting to talk about a one-state solution, opposition leader Tzipi Livni told Army Radio on Monday.


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  1. Livni must be a major concern to all rational people who have long ago recognised there will be no solution to the current impasse until the Arabs of Gaza and the Arabs of the West Bank accept the reality of a Jewish state and embrace peace for the sake of everyone.

    Livni and her crowd seem incapable of appreciating this simple fact, and that any further concessions of land will never bring peace.

    What more does this woman want? She is a fifth columnist – nothing more nor less.

    I like the way Netanyahu told Mr Nonentity that Israel would never return to pre- 1967 borders, and that Jerusalem is non-negotiable.

    I bet she threw a hissy fit.

    1. Didn’t she used to work for the Mossad? How could the Mossad be so stupid to hire her?

    1. Not very many TINSC, I haven’t the exact number but I know its a shell of its former self.

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