Canada Gaza Flotilla


They were protesting the Greek government’s decision to refuse passage for ships heading to Gaza to break the legal weapons blockade of the Hamas regime. Check out the Indian kid banging pathetic drum and the chick wearing the keffiyeh as a dress. What a hoot. Such a small gathering shows just how marginalized these groups are. KGS

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  1. To be honest, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The whole thing is just so sad and pathetic.

    Some woman in green t shirt making demands on the Greek government? Are these people delusional – I think the Greeks have more on their plate at the moment than the demands of middle aged do-gooders, a few idealistic young people, and a couple proudly holding up a banner: Jews for peace and justice (or something like that).

    1. Raymond, they are our greatest recruiting tool for the other side. One look at these misfits and normal people choose automatically not to be aligned with them.

  2. You know I’m very very disappointed. I started to view the vid hoping to see some real cool hippie girls, the ones I remember from my youth. What a disappointment. If there were some of these I wouldnt have blamed any normal young guy from showing solidarity with the Godzilla…

    As KGS wrote, this is what the hippies have degraded to – supporting the most violent, cruel and indolent bunch of parasites in the world.

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