Gaza Flotilla Obama's Socialist Pals


Anybody that knows anything about the region realizes that the border is open between Egypt and Gaza, there is absolutely no humanitarian crisis going on, and that any aid wished to be sent into Gaza has the full blessing of the State of Israel, which is more than willing to allow it through after inspecting it for smuggled weapons. That’s the sole reason for the legal blockade on the Hamas run Gaza Strip, to keep weapons used to kill Jews out of the hands of these dangerous fundamustards. KGS

NOTE: Oh, and do please take note of the far Lefty whack-jobs Rashidi managed to get into the video. All mental cases, every last one of them. Angela Davis, communist, and recipient of the Lenin ‘peace prize from the fascist police state of E.Germany, and Gnome Chumpsky, toady for every totalitarian regime and outfit on the planet.

H/T: Huff Watch

Gateway Pundit has it here.

NOTE: Cry me a river, the only suffering and occupation going on in the Gaza Strip is from the fundamustards who hold these people in chains, political, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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