Forced Marriages Islam in the UK


It’s actually approved rape, and this is only the tip of the iceberg, for real. KGS

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Police step in to save Leeds brides forced into marriage

Published on Friday 1 July 2011 13:55

29 YOUNG WOMEN in Leeds have been saved by court orders from being forced into marriage, it was reported today.

Police and court agencies issued recently-introduced forced marriage protection orders on behalf of the women, which prevent their families from taking them abroad to be married against their will.

The move comes after revelations that Leeds had become a hot spot of “honour” crime in South Asian, Iranian, Somalian and African communities.

The city ranked third on a list of calls to an “Honour Network helpline” run by a charity.

Forced marriage protection orders (FMPOs) carry a punishment of up to two years in prison for anyone found in breach. They were introduced as part of the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act in 2008.

Det Insp Granville Ward of West Yorkshire Police said: “Since the Act was introduced we have assisted at least 29 women in West Yorkshire who are protected by these orders.

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